Giveaway, Free Southwest In-Flight Wifi, and 25 Days of Chime


There hasn’t been very much participation on the giveaway I started today, which is likely due to people traveling for Thanksgiving. That’s poor planning on my part, but I entering the contest only takes a few minutes, I promise. Also, at this point there’s a very good chance you’ll win, because barely anyone has entered. You can see the rules and how to enter here.

Free Southwest In-Flight Wifi

Apparently, Southwest had a security update that required all A-List Preferred members to change their password. And since A-List members are required to login to receive their free wifi perk, there have been some issues with members getting their free wifi. To counteract those issues, Southwest has released a code, ALP-KL4,  for A-List members to use to get the free wifi while this transition takes place. Fortunately, this code works for everyone, since you don’t need to login to use it. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect to the wifi, after you are on the plane, and start to purchase wifi for your flight.
  2. At checkout, enter code: ALP-KL4. That should bring the price down to $0 and allow you to access free wifi.

There’s no telling how long this will last, but if you have a Southwest flight soon, you might as well try.

HT: Slickdeals

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Thanksgiving Break and Giveaway

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, this will likely be the last post you see on my blog until Monday. Every year, my wife and I try to visit with both of our families on Thanksgiving weekend, so it can get pretty busy. Because of that, I thought I’d put together a quick post about blog updates and posts worth reading while you recover from your Turkey Day food coma. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway on the bottom of the page!

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How to Open a Dispute with REDcard in 9 Easy Reps

So you just finished loading your REDcard and now you want to bill pay one of your credit cards with it, great! Simply, go online, bill pay your card (like you have multiple times before), and wait three days for the payment to appear on your credit card.

Wait, three days went by and the money hasn’t shown up yet? Why not wait two more days, there’s probably just a glitch in the system. Patience is a virtue.

Two more days pasted by and it still hasn’t shown up? Okay, you should probably open a dispute with REDcard to get the money back into your account. Don’t worry, you can open a dispute in 9 easy steps, err reps.

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6 Tips to Maximize Black Friday

With Black Friday only a week away, I thought it was time I put together a few quick tips on how to get the most out of your money, come November 28.

Obviously, the deals are good. That’s the whole reason people stand in line for days. However, as with all deals, they could be better. Not only that, but the shopping could be easier, there could be fewer people, and the deals could actually start on Friday instead of Thursday. I know I know, that’s all wishful thinking. We just have to deal with it (pun not intended) and make the best out of the bad situation.

To help you avoid the nonsense that is Black Friday, check out the following tips. You can thank me later.

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Have You Ever Looked into Costco Travel?

Costco TravelI’ve had a Costco membership for a few years now and I’ve never actually looked into their travel discounts. From what I gather, though, most people haven’t. They get a Costco membership to save on in-store purchases, but never look at the other perks of the membership, including travel incentives. That’s how I use my membership and how many of my friends and family use theirs, but I think it’s time I changed that.

This post is somewhat of an experiment, because I haven’t actually researched Costco Travel at all. I’m going to research it as I write this post, so I provide a completely unbiased look into the program. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links used in this post. I suggest using portals instead of my affiliate links, but if there aren’t any available or they’re limited (like with Amazon), I appreciate you using my links. Thanks for the support!

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