Why You Should Think Twice before Signing up for a Credit Card

rsz think twice 500x375 Why You Should Think Twice before Signing up for a Credit CardAs you all know, credit cards are great. They offer multiple perks, they simplify your wallet (sometimes), and they tend to be very rewarding. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should get a credit card or get “that credit card”.

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The Rules of the Game

rsz rules 500x500 The Rules of the Game

There are a lot of unwritten rules in this game we play and I want to flush them out. Whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie looking to join the perks of next-to-nothing travel, these rules are for you.

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Reselling: Part 2 – Sourcing

SOURCING 500x500 Reselling: Part 2   SourcingSo, you’ve studied, digested, and mastered the basics of reselling right? Good. Now it’s time to source some product, because knowing how to resell is useless if you don’t have anything to sell.

As a precursor to this post, remember that reselling does not come without risks. There is no guarantee that your product will sell and, just like with manufactured spending, you will have to float money (in the form of product) for an undetermined amount of time. This post is for information purposes only. I take no responsibility for any consequences (positive or negative) that may arise by following any of the information mentioned in this post. (I would love to hear about your experiences though!)

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Everything: Chime Card

Welcome to Chime Everything: Chime CardRecently, Bancorp released a new prepaid card to the world: The Chime Card. It’s not a new Serve or Visa Buxx, it’s something entirely different. You could say it’s Bancorp’s answer to Amex Offers, since coupons are the main perk on this card.

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Beginner’s Guide: First Credit Card

wallet 367975 640 500x332 Beginners Guide: First Credit CardI’m starting a new series to go along with my Everything and ITWOO posts, called the Beginner’s series (which is aptly targeted to beginners). If you’ve been in this game for a while, these posts will not be for you. As an alternative, you could head over to the Saverocity Forum and learn some new information from that community when I release these posts, but make sure to come back ;).

Everyone has their first. Some are shiny, some are dull. Some have foreign transaction fees, some don’t. Some give you rewards, while others don’t. The important thing they all do, though, is give you a credit history. So, if you haven’t signed up for a credit card and you’re looking for your first hit the break. Read More