It’s My One Year Blogoversary!

Guess what today is (Hint: read the title)… It’s my one year blogoversary! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a whole year now. At first I didn’t know if it would be something I’d enjoy doing that I’d want to continue, but it definitely has been thanks to all of you! I would like to take a moment and sincerely thank you all for reading, commenting, and sharing my posts. You guys are awesome!

Now to celebrate my first blogoversary, I thought it’d be a good idea to share some tips, stats, and other miscellaneous tid bits from behind the scenes here at

Hit the break to check it out.

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Product Review: Grid-It

Imagine this, you’re looking at map of the city you’re in on your phone, when it vibrates notifying you that the battery is about to die. Uh oh! Without it, you’ll have no idea how to get back to your hotel. Fortunately, you brought a backup battery with you, assuming you can find it in the sea of cords, water bottles, and snacks stashed in your backpack.

After about 5 minutes of looking, you still can’t find it. What now? You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead smart phone and no clue where you should go. You might as well try to find a box or a bench to sleep on, you’re now officially part of the homeless crowd…

Next time, you should plan ahead and bring a Grid It. That way you can organize your cords, snacks, and backup batteries in one place that’s easy to find. No more of this fumbling around in a messy carry-on! All you need to do is pull out your Grid-It and grab the item you need; Simple as that.

A word on reviews…
Since most of the products I review were bought at Amazon, there’s a good chance some (or most) of the links I use for the product(s) are affiliate links. You don’t have to use them or even buy the products, but for transparency’s sake, that’s what they are.

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The Future of Vanilla Reloads

I just got back from my local Walgreens where I noticed something different in the gift card rack. Instead of there being a pile of Vanilla Reloads, that no one buys, there was a pile of Vanilla Swipe Reload information cards, that no one has taken. These might not be new, but I’ve never seen them before and I frequent a lot of stores that have Vanilla Reloads on the shelf. Take a look.

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The Battle of the All in One Cards – Coin, Plastc, and Wallaby

If you don’t know what an all in one card is, I’ll give you a quick rundown. It’s basically a card that can act as any card (e.g. credit, debit, loyalty, gift, ect). You simply select what card you want it to be, either on the card itself or on a companion app, then swipe it. It’s an ingenious idea!

Ever since I first heard about them, I was intrigued. I love the idea of carrying only one card versus a wallet full. Also, they’ll likely be very helpful for manufactured spending, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

As a precursor to this post, none of these cards are purchasable yet. It’s unlikely, but they could change significantly when they are actually released. This post is just a comparison of what we know about the cards at this time.

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“Because It’s Cold.”

These past few weeks have been nasty up here in Michigan. It’s been snowy, cold, and just unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the snow, in fact, I find snowfall to be pleasant and enjoyable. The cold is what really gets to me. It makes the non-bearded parts of my face hurt, it turns my hands into snake-skin, and quick jogs to the mailbox now require pants.

And you know what? I’ve had enough of it, so I’m going to Florida! …for three days.

After telling some friends and co-workers about this upcoming trip, I received a common question that sounded something like this, “Why are you only going there for three days?” That’s a fair question, no? At first, I tried thinking of an important reason, a justification for this frivolous trip, but I couldn’t. So, I just responded with the truth, “Because, it’s cold.

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