Why I Hate to Love the Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest companion pass is undoubtedly one of the best deals in travel, period. Flying a companion for the price of taxes ($11.60 in the US) on award and full fare travel for 1-2 years is just amazing! Whoever thought of the idea better have gotten a raise, because it’s the sole reason I, and likely many others, fly Southwest everywhere (in the US).

Without the companion pass, flying Southwest would be terrible. Well, actually flying Southwest is terrible. I just put up with it because of how good of a deal the companion pass is for two people.

That’s why I hate to love the Southwest companion pass…

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How to Book Aer Lingus Flights with British Airways Avios

Aer Lingus is, by far, one of the best airlines to book with British Airways Avios. Not only do they offer one of the cheapest fights to Europe (12,500 miles), but they also don’t tack on the astronomical fuel surcharges that BA does. It’s a pretty slick deal!

The only problem with Aer Lingus is the finding, calculating, and booking process, which is why I put this post together. As I’ve posted about before, I spent weeks researching flights and availability, which was a huge pain. However, my hope is that the effort I put into finding my own vacation helps make your’s that much easier!

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Update On My 100,000 Membership Rewards Challenge

About a month ago, I wrote a post called “What to Do with 100,000 Membership Rewards Points.” In it, I talked about my plan to only use the sign-up bonus from my American Express Platinum card (100,000 MR points) to book a business class trip for two. Well, after a few weeks of research, I finally have an update.

As a refresher, here are the requirements I had for this trip:

  1. Two business (or first) class international tickets (Hawaii counts) – Domestic travel can be in economy.
  2. Must travel to a new destination – Current ideas: Europe (Germany, London, and/or Italy), Australia, Hawaii, Israel.
  3. Must travel in August or September – October or November would be possible if the location is warm.

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Reselling for Points and Miles

Reselling can be a very lucrative hobby to get into, so much so that many people do it for a living. I’m not one of those people, but I like to use reselling as a complement to my manufactured spending. In fact, reselling has become one of my most lucrative methods of obtaining massive amounts of points and miles.

How is that possible? It’s simple really. The idea of reselling is to buy products cheap enough to be sold at a profit. If you do that, you’ll make money. If you add in portals, credit cards, and gift cards in the mix, you’re guaranteed to profit handsomely in cash and points/miles. In fact, even if you sell the items *at a bit of a loss, there’s a good chance you can basically buy points and miles at a very cheap rate.

*That post is password protected, but you can access it by signing up for my newsletter.

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Earn 500 Free airberlin topbonus Miles

Heinemann & Me – a duty-free shop in Germany – is currently offering 500 free airberlin topbonus miles for new sign-ups. If you use airberlin miles regularly, this might be something worth doing, especially since it will probably only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

I personally, won’t be taking advantage of this offer because I have no use for airberlin miles. The only reason I see myself flying on airberlin is through British Avios.

You can sign-up here. This offer is valid until 3/31/15.

Here are the complete terms:

Are you already a topbonus Heinemann & Me member? Great! That means you can earn yourself an extra 500 award miles!** Here’s what you need to do: Simply add your topbonus membership number to your Heinemann & Me user information any time between 1 Feb and 31 Mar 2015.
Alternatively, register with Heinemann & Me during the promotional period and enter your topbonus membership number.

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