Beginner’s Guide: Mattress Running

 Beginners Guide: Mattress RunningAs you know, I recently decided to partake in IHG’s Into the Nights promotion. The only issue was that I didn’t have any planned trips coming up where I could stay at an IHG property and complete the requirements. So, I decided to do a mattress run… Well, two actually.

Before this, I had never done a mattress run before, nor did I know how to. I knew the general concept of it, but knowledge from reading is much different than knowledge from participating, which meant this was a whole new world to me. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry, that’s why this is the beginner’s guide to mattress running. On the other hand, if you’re an expert, please leave your tips in the comments. Read More

A Plethora of Kohl’s Coupons

 A Plethora of Kohls CouponsIt seems like every other week Kohl’s is running a new promotion with many stackable coupons. This week is no different, other than the fact that it’s one of their most generous weeks yet. Why? Because, they are offering stackable coupons, Yes2Rewards, and Kohl’s Cash all in the same week. That’s a great combination for reselling!

If you’ve never resold at Kohl’s, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Kohl’s charge card is the best way to maximize savings at Kohl’s. It’s pretty much the only way to get 30% off coupons and Kohl’s also offers other charge card specific coupons throughout the year. If you really want to resell at Kohl’s, the charge card is the way to go.
  • Kohl’s cash works like this: You earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend during a Kohl’s cash promotion. The Kohl’s cash you earn can then be used usually a week later, but it’s only valid for a week’s time after it can be used. For example, if you get $10 in Kohl’s cash on day 1, you can then use that cash on day 8 through day 15.
  • With Yes2Rewards, you earn 1 point per dollar spent and every 100 points earns you $5.
  • You can use up to 4 coupon codes per only order. One can be a general % off, one can be a $ off, one can be free shipping, and one can be a special promotion (if there is one).

I have an in-depth post coming down the pipeline about Kohl’s, so stay tuned. If you have any questions now, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Here are the current Kohl’s coupons:

  • TOYLIST10: $10 off $50 spent in toys
  • TRICK30: 30% off your order (Kohl’s Charge card only)
  • LEAVESFALL: 15% off your order (non Kohl’s Charge)
  • SHIP2YOU: Free shipping (Kohl’s Charge card only)


  • Free shipping when you spend $75.
  • $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend before taxes and shipping.

Before buying anything at Kohl’s, make sure you’re signed up for Yes2Rewards and you have a Kohl’s account to earn Kohl’s cash! Also, don’t forget to use a portal. Usually, portals are pretty generous when it comes to Kohl’s.

Is Chime Still worth Signing up for or Keeping Open?

 Is Chime Still worth Signing up for or Keeping Open?Chime has been a great card for a little extra manufactured spending every month. Was it better than Visa Buxx, Serve, or Bluebird? No, but it was an easy way to earn $30+ monthly, with very minimal effort. Sadly, though, that day has come to an end.

As of October 8, Chime has been charging a 3% fee for “smaller bank” debit cards. In other words, they mean debit cards that earn you rewards. So, the 1% cash back earned with a Paypal Debit by loading Chime, now costs you 2% and earns you nothing.

Does that mean Chime is completely useless? I don’t think so. Read More

Into The Nights Incremental Update

 Into The Nights Incremental UpdateAs I mentioned before, I decided to participate in IHG’s Into The Nights Promotion. In that post, there were a lot of variables I left to chance. Would my account be closed for using multiple promo codes? If it didn’t get cancelled how many points would I earn? Would my BRGs get approved? If they were approved, would I still get credit for my stay? I don’t have the answers to all of those questions, but I do for some.

Before I decided to participate in this promotion, I didn’t have any status with IHG and I still don’t, I had under 10k IHG points, and I have only stayed at a few (under 5) IHG properties. The likely reason for my (dis)loyalty to the IHG brand is that I have yet to include their credit card in any of my AORs. I keep meaning to, but I always find better options at the time.

If you have similar (dis)loyalty to IHG, I would still suggest participating in this promotion. In fact, chances are you will get a better Into The Nights offer without loyalty than with it. Read More

$20 Amazon Credit When Using Membership Rewards

 $20 Amazon Credit When Using Membership RewardsAmazon is currently offering a $20 credit when you use Membership Rewards points to pay for your order. To get this promotion you must link your Membership Rewards Amex card with Amazon here, use points to pay for your product, $20 Amazon Credit When Using Membership Rewards and enter SWP20AMR at checkout. I’m not sure if this is targeted, but I would assume it’s not.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • You must use at least 1 Membership Reward point to get the $20 promotion. I would suggest only using 1 point, because they are worth much more than 0.75 cents when transferred to travel partners.
  • You cannot use a gift card and Membership Rewards.
  • This promotion is only valid until 11/9/14, but I would act quick, because there may be a limit to how many credits they allow.
  • Only items shipped and sold from Amazon are eligible.
  • Gift cards are not eligible, even ones that are shipped. I tried.
  • If you meet the requirements necessary, $20 is taken off your total order.
  • If you buy an item that is shipped and sold by Amazon for less than $20, the promotion only takes that amount off your order. For example, if you buy a $15 item you will only get a $15 promotion, instead of the full $20.
  • This promotion needs to be used in one purchase.
  • This promotion is only valid for American Express cards that earn Membership Rewards (e.g Gold, Platinum, Everyday, ect.).

You can go here to access this promotion and link your card. $20 Amazon Credit When Using Membership Rewards

Disclosure: The links posted above are Amazon affiliate links. Thank you for your support!