A Few Quick Updates

Now that I’m adjusting back into my normal schedule, there are a few changes on the horizon. Nothing major, but I figured I’d let you all know anyway.

First, the Deals page is no more. Originally, I used that page to share daily deals, but life got busier and that wasn’t really an option anymore. After that, I posted different deals that I deemed significant enough to post about. The only problem was that those posts didn’t reach very many people. So my plan is to now only post significant deals on the front page of my blog. That way more people will benefit from them. Read More

Amex Sync Walmart.com Offer, 1 Year Costco Membership, and Paypal Here Reader Deals

There are a few great deals that went live recently, that are very exciting. If you read the title, I’m sure you know what they are.

First, Amex Sync has an offer for Walmart.com (it doesn’t work in store) that is pretty nice. The offer is: Spend $15 at Walmart.com get a $5 credit. The only problem is that Walmart.com has a $50 order requirement for free shipping. I would assume that store pickup orders work, as long as you pay for the order completely online, however, I have not tested this myself. This offer is on Twitter, so it isn’t targeted. The offer code is: #AmexWalmart and it’s valid until 11/30/14. Read More

CashBackMonitor May Not Be Perfect

CashBackMonitor chimed in in the comments and let me know that URM rates vary by card. They are working on implementing a way to show what rate each card is, so hopefully that will be happen soon. For now, you should double-check the URM portal before making purchases.

If you don’t know what CashBackMonitor is, it’s a website that tells you how much money, points, or miles portals pay out for different stores. It’s a great website that I use almost daily, so don’t get me wrong by the title of this post. However, since it keeps track of literally 10,000+ retail stores and 40 portals, there are bound to be mistakes made.

Today I was shopping on Staples for some items to resell, because they’re running a promotion where you can get $25 off a $150 purchase when you use Visa Checkout. Quick note: that offer expires on 9/20/14, it cannot be used on gift cards (I tried), and you can use any credit card with the service (Ink cards anyone?). Anyway, when I went to check CashBackMonitor to see what portal had the best rate, here’s what it looked like:

 CashBackMonitor May Not Be Perfect

As you can see, CashBackMonitor says the best portal is ShopDiscover at 5%. I didn’t want to use that portal, because I’ve heard mixed reviews about Discover tracking purchases made with other credit cards and of course I planned on using my Ink Bold. So, I decided to use the Ultimate Rewards Mall at 2 pt/$. I could’ve use Top Cashback for 3%, but I value Ultimate Rewards points at 1.5 cents each, making the UR portal basically 3%. When I found Staples on the UR Mall, I noticed it was 4 pt/$ instead of 2 pt/$. That was great for me, but a little disappointing to find out that CashBackMonitor wasn’t perfect.

 CashBackMonitor May Not Be PerfectBecause of this discovery, I checked a few other stores to see if it was only Staples. Here’s what I found:

  • JCPenney was at 4 pt/$ on CBM and 10 pt/$ on the URM.
  • Macy’s was at 3 pt/$ on CBM and 5 pt/$ on URM.
  • Sears was at 3 pt/$ on CBM and 5 pt/$ on URM.
  • Home Depot was at 2 pt/$ on CBM and 3 pt/$ on URM.

The moral of the story: It appears that CBM takes a while to update URM rates, so you should always double-check URM to see the real rates.


August 2014 Income and Traffic Report

As I’ve mentioned before, these income and traffic reports are meant to showcase the growth of my blog and provide a level of transparency for the readers. Blogging is far from a get rich quick scheme and it’s definitely a lot of work, so I hope these posts help showcase that.

I’m a bit behind in writing this post, due to my recent vacation, but here it is anyway. If you are interested in the previous three reports, you can check them out below.

Hit the break to see how August measured up.

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Trip Report: Australia

 Trip Report: AustraliaSince we just returned from our two-week vacation, it’s time for the routine trip report. And as a change of pace, my wife, Jenni, will be writing about it. So, without further adieu, here is her trip report about our vacation to Australia. Also, I’m not sure how many people enjoy trip reports, so I’d love to get some feedback about this in the comments.

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