Comprehensive List of Money Order Prices and Locations

Money orders are one of the most reliable methods to manufacture spend with, primarily because there are quite a few stores that sell them. Because of their popularity, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of data points around the web regarding money order purchases. This post is a comprehensive list compiling those data points, at least the ones I’ve found.

This is for informational purposes only. Since there are location specific stores, I have not tested all of them. The ones I have tested to work are highlighted. Of course, my experience will likely vary from yours due to multiple different factors (e.g. cashier, store location, time of day, card used, ect.), so YMMV.

Hit the break for the list.

StoreCostLimitPay OptionsSuccess/Tries
7/11$0.75$500DC*, C1/16
Albertson's$0.65$500DC, C1/1
Bank$0+$500+C, CA11/11
CVS$0.99$500DC*, C4/16
Family Fare$0.75$500DC, C15/16
Kroger$0.70$1,000DC*, C44/59
Meijer$0.65$500DC**, C25/32
Post Office$0.89-$1.65$500DC**, C, TC3/11
Publix$0.85-$0.89$500DC, C1/2
Rite Aid$0.89$500DC*, C6/19
Smith's$0.70$500DC*, C1/1
Walmart$0.68-$0.70$1,000DC*, C, WM101/148
Walmart Kiosk$0.20-$0.75$500DC, C2/2
Walgreens$0.60-$1.00$500DC, C2/9
DC: Debit Card
C: Cash
TC: Traveler's Check
CA: Checking Account
WM: Walmart Money Card

*There have been mixed reports of success with gift cards that do not have your name on them.
**Only certain gift cards work. From my experience OVs seem to work.

If you have any information to add to this post, please don’t hesitate to comment.



  • I only used data points from posts and threads dated 1/1/14 or newer.
  • As I mentioned above, YMMV on all MO purchases, regardless of what the table says.
  • In my experience, I have never been denied an MO purchase at Family Fare, Meijer, or Walmart. Meijer’s systems seem to automatically reject $200 Metacard Visa gift cards. Walmart’s systems seem to automatically reject OVs. YMMV of course.

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  1. Publix is actually $0.89, at least in Pinellas county Florida. Personally I have had success 100% of the time using OV Gift Cards.

    1. Thanks for the data point, I’ll add that to the list.

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  4. Pefiers goes very high in money orders can’t remember cost but I think it is no more than a dollar

  5. In Atlanta, a money order at Kroger was $0.69 today (06/05/15).

  6. The Postal Place at 2358 University Avenue in San Diego, has Western Union money orders for 35 cents, up to $1000 per money order. Cash only.

  7. In Oregon and Washington, the Plaid Pantry convenience store chain offers 47 cent money orders. It’s cash only. The payment network is called National Express, which Plaid Pantry operates. (Both of their corporate offices are at the same address, anyway.) You can find more info at plaidpantry DOT com/services.htm . (I don’t know if this form blocks URLs.)

    1. An update on Plaid Pantry: The limit is $300 per MO, so if you need more than that, it’s cheaper elsewhere.

  8. At WinCo Foods in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington, money orders are only 30 cents, they take debit cards and cash, and it’s through Moneygram.

  9. James C is correct,
    At WinCo in Springfield, Oregon, money orders are 30¢ each. They are through MoneyGram. I just thought I’d help add to that. I got a money order in Mid-October, 2015 for that price.

    Thank you! 🙂

  10. At the winco in vancouver, WA (cascade park) the register was hard coded not to allow MO purchase with GC. (I was using pin enabled Simonmall/metabank visa GC)

  11. Not that this is particularly useful, but Safeway MOs are $0.79 with a limit of $500, cash only, at least at one store in Portland, Oregon.

  12. Which visa debit cards have worked for you in the past and which didn’t? And at which locations?

  13. Has anyone tried to purchase MO at Stater Bros?

  14. In Florida, Amscot offers FREE money orders with a limit of $1,000 each. Best deal around (of course, if you live in Florida)

  15. Hi , can a money order be returned ? Or would I cash it ? Can you deposit money orders back into your bank account ?

    1. You can’t return them, but you can deposit them into your bank.

  16. Just an fyi, Walgreens does NOT do money orders! They only do Western Union money TRANSFERS! And if you send money via one of their kiosks, it HAS to be picked up via one of their kiosks and vise versa!

  17. Kathleen Castellano · Reply ¬

    Walmart made a mistake, a big $1,095.00 one n they swear that this mistake they took out of my debit card will go back in there n I am going on day 3 n is still not in there n they never said they were sorry or that their money order machine was not working properly but now the amounts that were taken out are different. Why n how can they get away with this without paying .y late charge for my rent money order?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than continue to contact the store this happened at. If they continue to hold your money, the next option would be to take them to court, however, that would be a conversation to have with a lawyer.

      That being said, when stores make mistakes like this, they’re usually good at rectifying it and getting it back to your account. The only problem, is it often takes a few business days before it actually reaches your bank.

  18. In Arizona, at PLS check cashing…. If paying in cash the money orders are free.

  19. walmart forest park, IL charges 55c. Bank charged $5.

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