Map of Airline Hubs by Alliance

Map of Airline Hubs by Alliance

While I was in the process of researching my next vacation, I realized I didn’t exactly know whose hubs are whose. So, using my extreme research abilities, I Googled it and figured out the airline hub cities I needed. The only problem was that I had no idea where the cities were. Well, I had a general idea. Obviously, Düsseldorf is in Germany, Dublin is in Ireland, Ljubljana is in… uh somewhere? But, those countries have a lot of land and I’m no geographer, thus knowing they’re in a country versus knowing exactly where they are in a country is much different.

To make the process of searching hubs easier, I compiled a few maps displaying where each airline hub is, based on their alliance. As Kelis would put it, “These hubs bring all the airlines to the yard.”

Check it out.

Hubs by Alliance

Oneworld Hubs by Airline

Star Alliance Hubs by Airline

SkyTeam Hubs by Airline


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