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The End of Year Checklist

With the new year approaching quickly, you should probably start thinking about your end of the year checklist. Well realistically, I should’ve brought this up earlier, but at least there’s

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What Are Your Favorite Travel Accessories?

I talk about manufactured spending and travel a lot, but what I haven’t touched on much is the accessories that make travel easier. Obviously, what constitutes a necessary travel accessory will

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Why You Need a Bank Account Specifically for Manufactured Spending

There are two different categories of tools needed for manufactured spending, acquisition tools and liquidation tools. Take Visa Buxx, for instance. The acquisition tool would be Visa Buxx itself, because

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6 Tips to Maximize Black Friday

With Black Friday only a week away, I thought it was time I put together a few quick tips on how to get the most out of your money, come November 28. Obviously, the deals are good. That’s the whole

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Have You Ever Looked into Costco Travel?

I’ve had a Costco membership for a few years now and I’ve never actually looked into their travel discounts. From what I gather, though, most people haven’t. They get a Costco membership

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