Visa Buxx: Your Ticket to Sign On Bonuses

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Update: US Bank has decided to discontinue Visa Buxx in favor of their new Contour card, however it is still possible to sign-up for Visa Buxx. Click here to sign-up. They could pull this work around off their website at anytime, so sign-up ASAP. The link is dead.

I recently signed up for my very own US Bank Visa Buxx card and I love it! This card is meant for parents who want to load money onto a prepaid card and give it to their teenager. If you don’t have a teenager, don’t worry, you can still get yourself a card! The best part about this card is how you load it. You don’t have to search for Vanilla Reloads, buy gift cards, or money orders, you simply load this card straight from a credit card. It’s a beautiful thing!

Fees and Limits
Fees & LimitsThe most important part about the fees and limits is that you can do 4 – $500 transactions for $10 with a credit card. That comes out to 0.5 cents per point since any card you use will get you 1% back in points, miles, or cash back. That is even better than Vanilla Reloads and Bluebird since you only make 0.8 cents per point/mile. I would highly suggest not using a US Bank or Citi card to load your Visa Buxx. Members on Flyertalk have mentioned getting charged for cash advances using a Citi card and not getting points/miles when using a US Bank card. I have loaded my Visa Buxx successfully using my Citi American Airlines card without issue. I would not risk a cash advance however, so if you are going to try a Citi card make sure to have your cash advance line lowered to $0 just in case.

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How to Get Your Very Own Visa Buxx
Applying for a Visa Buxx is very easy. Simply go here and enter your information under the parent’s info box. For the teen’s info you can enter anyone. I used Jenni for my “teen” and for her “teen” she used me. They do not validate the “teen” info, so you could even use your dog or cat as your “teen”. Since you can have more than one teen in your family, you can also have more than one teen on your account.

How to Liquidate Your Visa Buxx
Liquidating your Visa Buxx is just as easy as liquidating Bluebird. The free option is to go to a US Bank ATM and make 3 – $200 withdrawals a day. Not everyone has US Bank ATMs around, so if that is the case you have a few options. My preferred option is to go to Walmart or Meijer and get money orders with the card. Walmart is the cheapest since it is only $0.70 per $1,000 money order, but depending on how far away your Walmart is, it may be more cost-effective to go to a local grocery store. Remember you can only make $1,000 in PIN transactions per day on your Visa Buxx card and money orders do count as PIN transactions. If you do have a Walmart near by and have a Bluebird account, you could go to Walmart and load your Bluebird account at the Money Center. That is another free way to liquidate your Visa Buxx card and load your Bluebird. If you do choose to load your Bluebird with Visa Buxx, remember that it counts towards your $1,000 daily and $5,000 monthly load amount.

If you end up getting your very own Visa Buxx and are fortunate enough to have a US Bank ATM near by, you will get a great cost per point! This prepaid card adds another easy $2,000 worth of MS a month, so I will definitely be adding it to my points and miles kit, in fact I will probably be adding a few of them.

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