How to Add a PIN to a Gift Card

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Adding a PIN to a gift card is essential in the manufactured spending world. You can learn more about manufactured spending with a gift card here.

There are three different PIN adding methods I have encountered with prepaid gift cards: Adding a PIN online, calling for the PIN, and adding a PIN on the keypad.

Adding a PIN Online


Vanilla Visa gift cards, similar to the one above, allow the PINs to be set up online. Simply go to and select “Register Card & Get Balances”. Alternatively, you could click “Update Card Pin” without creating an account, however I like having an account so I can see the card balances and transactions.

vanilla visa


Enter your card info and create your account.

Card Info


Once you have created your account and registered a card or two to your account, you can login and you will see a screen similar to the one below. Now, select Details on the card you want to add a PIN to.VisasSelect Set PIN on the navigation menu.



Enter the PIN and BAM! Now your vanilla visa has a PIn and will work like a debit card, besides the ATM part.

Set Pin


Setting a PIN on the Phone

This is the most annoying method, because it takes 38 seconds or more per gift card. 38 seconds is the fastest I have ever done this method, so you have a score to beat! You can go to if you would like to register your information on the card and or view your transactions, however it is not required. All you need to do is enter your card info and your personal info and you will be able to check the card balance, transactions, ect. This step is not required.



If you only want to get the PIN on the gift card, you will need to call 1-866-952-5653 and follow these steps:

  • Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
  • Press 2 to continue
  • Enter the 16 digit card number followed by the pound sign (#)
  • Enter the CVV code, which is the last three digits on the signature line on the back of the cardCVV
  • Press 3 to add a PIN
  • Enter a four digit PIN then press #
  • Enter it again and you will be done!

Like I said, this is the most annoying PIN to set up. If you do have to set one of these PINs up, try to beat 38 seconds.

Adding a PIN on the Keypad


This is by far the easiest method. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Buy a OneVanilla gift card
  • Swipe it at the register
  • Select Debit
  • Enter a PIN. You can use any 4 digits you want. 1234, 9999, 4265, whatever it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you enter 4 digits.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do to add a PIN to these gift cards, which is what makes them so great! OneVanilla gift cards are the only gift cards I know that allow you to enter the PIN at the register, so I try to get these over any other gift card. If you do not spend the whole balance on your first transaction, make sure you remember the PIN you set, because you will need it again.

Those are the three PINs I have had to set, however there are likely more of adding PINs. If you have trouble putting a PIN on your card, let me know. I would be happy to help.

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