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You may or may not have noticed that I have added a few new additions to my website over the weekend. I just wanted to highlight those additions, so you can get some use out of them!

Before I get to the new additions, I would just like to remind everyone that Radioshack’s “Bigger, Better” promotion ends this Friday, 2/28/14. So, if you want to get a free $25 gift card make sure to do it soon.

Beginner’s Guide
The Beginner’s Guide is just that, a guide for beginners looking to get into the world of manufactured spending. If you have yet to take the plunge or would like a little more help, check it out. I put a lot of information in it that will be very beneficial to a newbie. Of course if you have any issues or questions, you can always contact me or leave a comment.

The Beginner’s Guide link will stay up top on the main navigation.

The Links page is exactly what it sounds like. This is a page that I will put links to different blogs and websites that I find either interesting or useful. I will be continually updating this page as I find more websites that I like. If you have any suggestions for this page, please let me know.

The Links page will stay on the bottom navigation.

There is not much to the Support page. In fact, I can explain everything on that page in this small paragraph. If you shop on Amazon and find this blog useful, I would greatly appreciate it if you shopped through my affiliate link. If you do shop on Amazon, you should check out my post on how to maximize your Amazon experience.

The Support page will stay on the bottom navigation.

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