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This just in! There is a new OfficeMax promotion starting on 3/2/14 and lasting until 3/8/14 that saves you $15 for every $250 in Visa gift cards you purchase. This promotion is not as lucrative as the previous $30 off of a $300 gift card purchase, but it is still a money-making deal! The terms say there is a “2 offers per customer” limit, however during the previous promotion that limit was not enforced at my local OfficeMax stores. This is a very YMMV type of deal, so try multiple OfficeMax stores if the limit is enforced.

Even if you use a debit card to purchase these gift cards you still will be making money. Of course, I would highly suggest using a credit card that at least 1% cash back or 1X points/miles. The following table shows the profit that can be made with a debit card, a 1%/1X card, and a 5%/5X card.

This table follows the Office Max “2 offers per customer” rule, so if it is enforced then this is the max amount of profit you can make. If it is not enforced, your profits can and likely will be significantly higher.

Debit CardChase FreedomChase Ink Bold/Plus
Gift Card Value$600 (3 - $200 Gift Cards)$600 (3 - $200 Gift Cards)$600 (3 - $200 Gift Cards)
Normal Cost$620.85$620.85$620.85
Promotional Cost$590.85$590.85$590.85
Point Multiplier0X1X5X
Points Earned0591 UR Points2954 UR Points
Profit$9.15$9.15 and 591 UR Points$9.15 and 2954 UR Points

As you can see, you will make $9.15 regardless of which card you use. Obviously, you will want to use the highest percentage card you have, but even if you don’t have a credit card this is a great deal.

Liquidating These Gift Cards
This promotion is perfectly timed, since it is March 1st. That means Bluebird’s monthly limit will be reset. These gift cards work great to load Bluebird! If you don’t have a Walmart near by, you could also purchase a money order, transfer money via Amazon Payments, or spend them as you would any gift card. If you need some liquidation methods for these gift cards, check out this post.

You can see the local ad here. Also, if you are interested here is the Flyertalk thread.

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