Triple Dip With Raise

Disclaimer: This website is monetized by ads and other affiliates. As such, this article may contain affiliate links. If you decide to use them, you can sleep easier knowing you're helping me give my cats a better life. :) I really appreciate your support! is a relatively new contender in the gift card realm, however they quickly became my favorite gift card retailer for a few reasons. (Disclaimer: That is a referral link. Thank you for your support!) On average their gift cards are cheaper than the other gift card retailers, they have great customer service, and the e-gift card codes are sent very quickly.

This guide will show you how you can triple dip on your rewards by using a gift card marketplace. I mentioned this method before in this post, but I will be going much more in-depth today. As a side note, you do not necessarily need to use Raise for this to work. That is just the site I prefer and will be using for this post.

The Purchase
My wife and I are purchasing a few items at Bed Bath & Beyond for some friends of ours that are getting married soon. Since I hate paying for things at full price, this method will show you how I purchased $63.57 worth of items for only $52.96. That may not sound like a huge savings, but it is 16.69% off.

First Dip
The first dip will be made when you buy a gift card through, after going through a portal. You will want to start by going to CashBack Monitor and checking what portal gives you the most cash back/points/miles for your store.

Cashback Portal The best option I found for Raise was BeFrugal, which offered “Up to 2%” cash back at Raise for certain gift cards. (Disclaimer: That is an affiliate link) The terms state the following:

Raise Cash Back

Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond counts as “Other”! Now, go through the portal and find the gift card you need. I like to find a gift card that is as close to the total purchase amount as possible without going over. I do not want to be stuck with a gift card that only has a few dollars on it. Also, make sure to select an “Egift” card so you can use it online.

Buy Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards  Raise

Profit for the First Dip: I will save $2.70 by buying the gift card on and make $1.03 by shopping through BeFrugal.

Second Dip
The second dip is when you buy the gift card on Raise with a credit card. The only credit card I know of that will get you more than 1% cash back or 1X points at Bed Bath & Beyond is the US Bank Bed Bath & Beyond Mastercard. If you have that card you should definitely use it on this purchase. If you don’t, then use whatever card you prefer. I am going to use my Discover It card for the sake of making this post simpler, since it is a cash back card. Now that you found the gift card you are going to purchase, select “Buy Now” and proceed to checkout.

Buy Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards  Raise

Login or Register and finish your order. Raise currently has a coupon for $5 off a $75 purchase which helps save a little more money! The code is: RAISE75AF. I am not going to buy a gift card over $75, so this is not helpful for my purchase.

Raise: Buy and Sell Gift Cards - Exchange Gift Cards After you submit the order, you will see the confirmation page. It says that it can take up to 2 business days to receive your gift card code, however in my experience it only takes 30-45 minutes. YMMV as always.

Raise: Buy and Sell Gift Cards - Exchange Gift Cards

Profit for the Second Dip: I will make $0.51 by using my Discover It Card which earns 1% cash back on this purchase.

Third Dip
The third dip is very similar to the first dip, since you are going to use a portal for your purchase. This time, however, you will be purchasing products from a retailer. For this dip, you will again want to check out CashBack Monitor to find the portal with the best rewards.

Bed Bath & Beyond Cashback (5) Comparison by Cashback Monitor

When I checked Bed Bath & Beyond on CashBack Monitor, BeFrugal offered “Up to 10%” cash back. (Disclaimer: That is an affiliate link) However, when I see a website on CashBack Monitor that says “Up to” I always expect that the items I am purchasing are not part of the “Up to” percentage. To check what items qualify for the “Up to” percentage, simply go to the terms and conditions on the portal website. I checked the terms on BeFrugal and found out that the 10% cash back was only for custom invitations, which I am not ordering.

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons (March 2014), Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Codes, Deals & Free ShippingThe top options ended up being Shop At Home and Shop Discover, because BigCrumbs “Up to 6%” also ended up being for custom invitations. I chose to use Shop Discover over Shop At Home, because I have used Shop Discover many times without an issue and it works well with the Discover It card I am using for this post.

You need a Discover card to use Shop Discover, so it is not an option for everyone. If you are in the market for a cash back credit card, Discover It currently has a $150 sign-up bonus after spending $750, with no annual fee. Also, if you are looking for ways to max out your 5% cash back using Discover, check out this post.

Now, go through the portal you ended up choosing and complete checkout.

Checkout Preview - - Google Chrome

You may notice that I used two different gift cards than I bought above. I will explain why in the next section.

Profit for the Third Dip: I will make $3.00 by clicking through the Shop Discover portal and $0.14 for using my Discover card.

While completing this triple dip, I had a few issues with my gift cards. The first gift card I ordered did not work. I immediately contacted Raise and told them about my issue. They tested the gift card themselves and refunded me since it was not working for them either. The customer service rep also gave me a $5 coupon for my trouble which was awesome!

Order History - Raise - Google Chrome

I then bought another gift card which was not as heavily discounted as the first one, but I still saved more with the $5 coupon. After I received my gift card, I tested it and it did not work either! I was shocked, because Raise has always worked great for me. I contacted them again and the customer service representative was again, super helpful. She refunded me and gave me another $5 coupon. She also tested the gift cards I wanted to buy, to make sure they would actually work for me before I purchased them. Finally, I purchased two $25 gift cards for $49.00 (- the $5 refund = $44).

That was much more of a process than I originally expected, however Raise handled it very professionally and the coupon I received ended up saving me more money.

Total Saved
If i didn’t have any issues with the gift cards, I would have saved $7.30 off my order which is 11.48%. However, the coupon code I was given after the gift cards did not work helped me save $10.61 off my order which is 16.69%.

Triple Dip



  • Try to find coupon codes. Coupons tend to make your triple dip even more profitable. If you cannot find one, ask for a coupon code from the retailer. Worst case scenario, they say they don’t have any.
  • Don’t worry if you get a bad gift card. Raise is very good about taking care of their customers and they have a 100% purchase guarantee on their gift cards. If your gift card is bad, simply send them a message.
  • Always check CashBack Monitor to see what website gives you the best rewards percentage. When you do, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

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