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Finding deals is one of my favorite hobbies, because it saves me a lot of money. I feel like I’m not the only one who likes to save money, so I put together this list of my favorite deal sites. If you have any to contribute, leave them in the comments.

Amazon gets its own section, simply because they have great prices all the time. There are many different tools you can use on Amazon that can help you save money. For example, if your cart is at $33, FillerItem.com will find an item sold by Amazon that costs $2. That way you can add that item to your cart and get free shipping. Tools are the best way to maximize your Amazon experience and save money.

Amazon Warehouse
Amazon Warehouse is far from a secret, however Amazon does not make it easy to get to unless you already know about it. If you haven’t heard about Amazon Warehouse before, it is a section on Amazon that sells returned items [used] for a fraction of the new price. I have ordered many things from Amazon Warehouse that appear to be brand new even though they were sold at used prices. This is a great place to get cheap items.

Amazon Warehouse deals can be found under the “Used” tab of an item.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Used Tab

The only problem with Amazon Warehouse is that most deals get bought up very quick! So, you should stay logged into Amazon and have your 1-Click settings configured. There are four ways I suggest watching for Amazon Warehouse deals.

  1. Keep a tab open and refresh when you think of it. Occasionally PS4s get listed in the Amazon Warehouse store for about $110 less than retail, so I always have a PS4 tab that I refresh when I think about it.
  2. Use a price checker to monitor price changes on Amazon to see if there is a lower used price. If you use Firefox, I would suggest Check4Change. If you use Chrome, I would suggest Page Monitor.
  3. Subscribe and monitor the Amazon Warehouse Slickdeals thread. Many people contribute great deals they find on Amazon Warehouse in this thread.
  4. Use the Amazon Forklift. This website constantly scans the Amazon Warehouse for new deals, so you will be aware of new items instantly.

Daily Deals
Daily deals are great, when you have a need for the item that is available. I rarely buy daily deals, but they are good deals to check regularly since you never know what will be offered. Here are a few daily deal sites that are worth checking out:

Deal Websites
The best deals can be found on deal websites. A few of my favorites are:

The trick is to frequent the forums of these sites, (excluding DealsPlus, because they don’t have one) since many of the best deals happen for only a short period of time.

The Deals Page
As I have mentioned a few times, I added a new Deals page to my blog. I check most of the sites mentioned above, daily, which is where I find the deals. So if you do not feel like researching deals every day, just subscribe to my Deals page.


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