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With the death of our dear vanilla reloads at CVS, the game has completely changed. The worst part about it, is I just closed my Bluebird account in favor of Serve. Because of the new policy, many of us have had to change our manufactured spending strategies. So without further adieu, here is how my new strategy is looking.

Since I just switched from Bluebird to Serve, CVS’s policy change came at the worst time. I only switched so I could swipe reload at CVS, instead of reloading with vanillas. Sadly, both of those things are lost to me now, as I have no other vanilla reload avenues. So, I plan on switching back to Bluebird to take advantage of Walmart. I just need to finish loading Serve with my debit card, credit card, and vanilla reloads before switching back.

Once I get my Bluebird account reinstated, I plan on loading it, as well as Jenni’s Bluebird, at Walmart (10k a month). I also have a Serve account in my dad’s name which I will switch to a Bluebird as well (5k a month).

Visa Buxx
My wife and I have Visa Buxx accounts with a few teens on each. I do not like liquidating these cards very much, since the closest US Bank ATM is a bit out of my way. However, it is an easy way to manufacture some extra money (10k a month).

If you have not already signed up for a Visa Buxx account, I would suggest getting it sooner than later. They recently closed public Visa Buxx sign-ups, but there is still a work around (at least for now). See this post for more information.

Amazon Payments
AP is a given, since it is one of the easiest and most reliable MS methods. I currently have access to three accounts, but will hopefully be adding one or two more (3k a month).

Paypal and Bluebird Online Loads
Bluebird can be loaded online with $1,000 per month, using a debit card (3k a month). To maximize my MS with this method, I use my American Express Blue Cash Preferred to purchase $500 Paypal gift cards at supermarkets. That way I get 6% cash back on the Paypal purchase, then I get 1% cash back when I load it to Bluebird. The 6% cash back reward is limited to $390 a year, which I have almost hit. Once I max out that card, I plan on upgrading it to Amex’s new Everyday Preferred credit card.

If I only MS the amount above, I can do 31k a month. That’s good, especially if I could use a 5X point credit card for all of it, but that is not all I plan on doing. My goal is to increase the amount of money orders I have been doing to something like 5k-10k a week, since I will already be at Walmart a few extra times a month. Of course this is all tentative, because I am still sitting on a pile of vanilla reloads that I got before CVS changed their policy. Once I finish all those, though, I will really start nailing down my new MS strategy/schedule.

How is your manufactured spending going after the CVS change?

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