Finding Free Samples And Other Goodies

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free cubeReceiving free stuff is very satisfying, even when it’s something miniscule, such as a free shampoo sample. Don’t get me wrong saving money is great, but free stuff is not about the money, necessarily. It’s about the convenience, and the excitement of receiving packages for free.

The free websites I frequent, require only about 5-10 minutes of my time daily. In those few minutes, I sign-up for about 2-10 free items (depending on the day). What makes this exciting, is receiving the packages. Free stuff usually takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks to receive, so it’s very hard to keep track of when you will receive each item. Some days I receive nothing and others, the mailbox ends up overflowing from packages.

Here are some websites to watch for free stuff. Like I said, this does not take much time at all. Simply, make a habit of checking a few of these sites daily, and you will end up with a lot of free stuff.

This is my favorite freebie site for a few reasons. First, not only do they post free stuff daily, they also have many other great sections on their website. For example, they have a section for coupons and money, which helps you maximize your coupons at different stores to get items for free or very cheap. They also have a section for movie screenings, contests, and deals.

They have a bit of everything here! If you only have time to check out one freebie site daily, this is it!

Slickdeals and FatWallet
These websites have very active forums, one being the free stuff forum. These are submitted by hundreds of members, so you are likely going to find free stuff on these forums before you will find them anywhere else. Slickdeals seems to have more participation from the community, but Fatwallet still has some great freebies that I could not find anywhere else.

Other Websites Worth Mentioning

  • Marlboro and Camel – I am not a smoker. In fact, my asthma would kill me if I was, but smoking websites love to give away free stuff (Marlboro in particular). Every couple of days they have freebies on their sites that are worth registering for! For example, I’ve gotten two Zippos, some seasonings, a few pairs of headphones, guitar picks, and playing cards from them. Most of the time these deals are posted on the websites above.
  • DansDeals – He doesn’t focus on free stuff, but if there is a great deal he will post it.
  • PINCHme – This website offers free samples all the time. All you need to do is get there fast when they have free samples, because they only offer a certain amount each week.
  • Smiley360 – This is one of the better free sites, because they give you full-blown products. You need to complete your profile and fill out some surveys about the product, but it’s worth it for most of the products. In the past, I’ve received a Hershey’s package and a laundry package from this website.

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