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Symbol commentYou may have noticed that parts of my blog changed overnight. First, there is now a “Deals” link on the sidebar, for easy access to the Deals page. Second, my blog got slightly more plain, because I removed many of the pictures I had in my posts.

Let me explain..

The idea for this post came from a few comments made by “asdasdads“. Those comments are now deleted, because of their inappropriate nature. I do not edit or delete comments very often, however, when comments are left that do not have anything to do with my blog or that use unnecessary language, I will delete them. This is the first time this has happened, so 99.9% of comments will not be deleted or edited. In fact, I added a new spam filter that will automatically catch these types of comments, before they go live. I will be monitoring this though, just to make sure no good comments get filtered out by accident.

To everyone else that has commented on this blog, thank you. I really appreciate reader participation, because it lets me know that the information I am writing about is actually useful to you.

Surprisingly, “asdasdads” did bring one important thing to my attention in his comments; Some of the images I used, are copyrighted.

Since this is the first blog I have ever written, I didn’t think too far into what images to use. I would search Flickr, Google, ect. and find images that fit well in my blog post. If the images met that stipulation, I was good to go. To my surprise that, apparently, is the wrong way to find images for a blog. I did some researching and I found that most images on Google are copyrighted. Most images on the internet are copyrighted, in fact. So, I took down all the images that are copyrighted to avoid any type of lawsuit.

I’m sorry I had to take the images down, but I don’t want to steal other peoples work and I definitely don’t want a lawsuit of any sort. I know plain text posts are quite boring to look at, so I found some alternatives. A few websites offer creative common licensed images, which means they can be used freely. I also have an amazing wife that will start making more pictures and graphics for my blog, as well.

If you have a blog and want to learn more about copyrighted images, check out these posts:

Here are a few websites where you can find free CC images:

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