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I’m sure most of you have already heard about Serve’s exciting new feature. If you haven’t, get excited, because Serve can now be loaded at Walmart just like Bluebird!
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With the loss of Serve Reloads and Vanilla Reloads at CVS, Bluebird was the way to go. Now, however, Serve has the clear advantage in the MS world. You can effectively load $8,000 a month on Serve vs $6,000 on Bluebird with this new change. Here’s how:

$5,000 loaded via gift card at Walmart
$1,500 loaded via debit card online
$1,500 loaded via credit card online
= $8,000 worth of MS

To do this much manufactured spending on Serve, you need to sign-up through ISIS. If you do not sign-up for Serve through ISIS, you will only be able to load $1,000 with a credit card and $1,000 with a debit card per month. As an added bonus, if you sign-up through ISIS you get $1 back on every purchase you make with ISIS/Serve (up to $50 per month).

You will need a supported device to use ISIS. Most NFC Android phones are supported, but iPhones need a special case. If you are like me and have a Verizon iPhone, you can pick up an ISIS case for only $29.99 right now ($40 off). I bought one when I had a Serve account, because I easily got the money back from the promotion mentioned above. It was also worth it for me to get the extra $1,000 worth of MS a month.

So, that is where we’re at in the MS world today. I, unfortunately, switched to Serve in March, switched to Bluebird in April, and now plan to switch back to Serve. It’s quite a pain in the butt, but ultimately it is worth it.


Do you plan on switching?


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