$200 Staples Gift Cards Available Online

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200 Staples Gift CardEdit: FrequentMiler added another post on these gift cards.

The day has finally come; Staples decided to put their $200 gift cards online! To make this deal even better, the fee is only $6.95 which is the same as in-store. That $6.95 fee is also the same price as the $100 gift cards, which brings the fee percentage down from 7% to 3.5%.
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What This Means
The $100 gift cards have been available online for a while now. The only problem is, loading $100 gift cards to Bluebird or Serve can be a real pain, not to mention the CPP isn’t that great.  Because of that, I mostly avoided the $100 gift cards. Now, though, we don’t need to worry about the $100 ones.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Point Multiplier$100 GC Points$200 GC PointsCPP
1X (Everything)1072073.36 cents
2X (Arrival)2144141.68 cents
5X (Ink)5351035.67 cents

This is where this deal gets really good. Since these are available online, that means they can be purchased through a portal. UPromise and Discover offer the highest portal rewards right now (5%), however, only about a month and a half ago ShopAtHome offered 7%! Buying gift cards through portals is not supposed to earn you cash back, based on the terms and service of the portals. That never seems to be the case, though. I’ve purchased gift cards through Upromise and Discover, and still received my cash back. Also, I’ve used my Ink card through the Discover portal without issue.

If you add that cash back into the equation, these gift cards get even more enticing.

Point Multiplier$200 GC PointsPortal Bonus (5%)Profit
1X (Everything)207$10.35$3.40 - 207 Points
2X (Arrival)414$10.35$3.40 - 414 Points
5X (Ink)1035$10.35$3.40 - 1035 Points

Visa SavingsEdge
The final bonus, you can earn from buying these, is 1% cash back through Visa SavingsEdge. If you add that into the equation your profit will be $5.47 + points per $200 gift card. That means even a 1%/1X card will be worth MSing these!

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