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Your Membership from AmexRecently, I logged into my Amex account to check what Amex Sync offers I had. To my surprise, there was a new tab on my account titled “Your Membership”. This section shows all the benefits, rewards, and terms of your credit card. So, if you are curious what perks your credit card offers, this is the place to check.

Quick Note: This is just rolling out. It’s only available on one of my accounts right now, so it may not be on yours yet.

Amex My Membership

Benefits and Rewards
The largest paragraph of this section, is rewards and benefits. If you’re on this blog, chances are your a credit card junky like myself, so this information is not new to you. Whether that’s the case or not, this is useful information that’s convenient anytime. If you click “Explore All Benefits” you’re brought to a page with a plethora benefits your card offers. A lot of these benefits will probably go unused, but it doesn’t hurt to have them.

Amex BenefitsOther Perks
The benefits and rewards section of “Your Membership” is all inclusive. Everything else on this tab is covered under “Explore All Benefits”. So, the other perks (seen below) will update every so often to include different card benefits found on the Benefits page.

A few things to note: If your card offers ShopRunner or Amazon Prime, there will be a sign-up link in this section. If you have either of those perks, make sure you’re signed up!

amex benefitsThoughts
I love that Amex implemented this feature. It’s very convenient to see all of my credit card benefits in one place. I hope this catches on and every credit card issuer offers it, because it’s easy to forget exactly which card offers which perks when you have 10+. The same goes for remembering credit card rewards, however, that has already been simplified by Wallaby.

Is this tab appearing on your Amex account? What do you think about it?




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