Switching to Serve, Citi Updates, and Freedom’s New Feature

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Serve Card

Switching to Serve
These past few weeks have been very busy and stressful for me (see: Car Buying Experience), so I haven’t had time to switch to Serve. I finally got around to doing it this weekend, only to find out the process is different. If you read my post about switching from Bluebird to Serve, or visa versa, you would think it’d be easy. Well, things have changed.

First, I called Bluebird and had them close my account (I’ve done this twice now). Then, I pulled up my ISIS app and tried registering another Serve account, as I’ve done in the past. That didn’t work. I got declined repeatedly. I tried signing up with the exact info I used for Bluebird, I tried changing my phone number, email, password, everything. Nothing worked. Fortunately, I found this post by Nucstorm on Flyertalk.

He was having the same issue as I was, constantly getting denied for Serve after closing Bluebird. Then, he accidentally mistyped his social security number which made the account go “into review”.

I tried this method, by changing the last number of my SSN. Lo and behold, my account went into review. Yay! I called account security (800-555-4318) and told them, “I believe I typed my SSN in wrong”. They asked me to verify my account and send them a copy of my driver’s license/social security card. I did that, called them back, and was told my card should arrive in 5-7 business days. Easy, Peasy. So, if you are having issues switching accounts, try this.

Citi Updates

Exciting Improvements Citi

Citi recently redesigned their website to make it much more accessible. They added sections where you can see all your card benefits, your rewards earned, and everything else that relates to your card. This is very similar to what Amex did with their “Your Membership” section. The one difference I see with Citi’s version, is you have to opt-in to certain Citi Benefits.

Citi Benefit Builder

Citi was far overdue for a website redesign, so I’m glad they did it. I really like being able to see all my benefits in one place, as well.

Freedom’s New Feature

New Freedom Benefit

Chase added Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance to their Freedom card. This has long been a feature of their Sapphire Preferred card, so it’s about time they added it to Freedom. I doubt I will ever use this feature, because I don’t book trips with this card. However, I could see this being useful for someone who wants a card without an annual fee that has trip protection. You can see the full list of Freedom’s benefits here.

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