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We all know credit card rewards are very lucrative. When you add other reward programs into that mix, those rewards multiply. The best part about these reward programs is, they’re free, so there’s no reason not to be a part of them.

Store Reward Programs
Most large store chains have reward programs, which add bonuses to your everyday shopping (or MSing). Here are a few I use:


  • MPerks – This is Meijer’s reward program. This is definitely one of my favorite ones to use, because I shop at Meijer all the time. They have three different ways to earn rewards: Pharmacy, Coupons, and Regular Rewards. The Pharmacy section rewards you for filling prescriptions at Meijer, even if those prescriptions cost you nothing, like antibiotics. Every 5 prescriptions filled, gets you $10 off your grocery purchase.Coupons are exactly what they sound like. You can clip them online and redeem them in-store. This is very useful, especially when they have 15% off general merchandise coupons (usually once a month). Amazon gift cards found in the electronics department count as general merchandise, so it’s a great way to get cheap Amazon credits or make some money.The final section is, regular rewards, which are spend based. For example, this month I have one that gives me $10 off my purchase after spending $150. That is usually very easy to hit from normal spending, but when the 15% off general merchandise coupons it’s the best!

My Best Buy

  • Best Buy Reward Zone – I don’t shop at Best Buy often, but when I do, I like to know I’m earning extra points on top of my credit card rewards. You get 1X points on everything and more during certain promotions: 250 points = $5. I commonly do buy items to resell at Best Buy, so those points can add up. For example, last week I purchased a MacBook to resell for around $850. I earned 850 points (~$17) from that purchase on top of my credit card and portal rewards, not to mention the profit I made from reselling the computer.

Staples Rewards

  • Staples Rewards – Staples Rewards work very similarly to Best Buy’s, except instead of points you earn cash back in the form of Staples credit. You earn 5% back on all purchases, excluding gift cards. That works out to a lot of rewards if you have an Ink card. Check out this post, for ways to get the most out of Staples.

Gas Reward Programs
Gas is a necessary evil, so you might as well get rewarded for buying it. Here are a few gas related reward programs that can be very profitable:

Speedy Rewards

  • Speedy Rewards – Speedy Rewards earns you points for everything you buy at Speedway, including gas. The best way to take advantage of this program is by buying gift cards. They regularly have a deal where you get 500-1000 points per $50 Speedy gift card. So, if you buy $100 Speedy gift card with a 5% cash back card, you’ll earn 1000-2000 Speedy points, and $5 in rewards. Then you can use that gift card for gas. 1000 points = $1, so it’s not super lucrative, but it does earn you extra rewards.

Fuel Rewards Network

  • Fuel Rewards Network – (This is an affiliate link. Thank you for your support!) This is Shell and Mastercard’s baby. You sign-up and get $0.03 off every gallon at Shell just for using your card. They commonly run other promotions where you can earn more off per gallon by using your Mastercard on groceries, dining out, and movies.
  • Mperks – Meijer’s program commonly offers gas rewards and coupons as well.

Other Reward Programs
Here are a few other reward programs that can usually stack on top of the programs above.


  • Plink – (This is an affiliate link. Thank you for your support!) I’ve talked about Plink before, but it’s worth talking about again. Basically, you earn plink points for making purchases at Plink supported stores. In the past, Plink offered points for Office Depot and Staples purchases, which was very profitable for manufactured spending. Right now, they don’t have any good MS stores available, but they do have many ways to earn points on your regular spending.

visa savingsedge

  • Visa SavingsEdge – This is another program I’ve talked about before. It is similar to Plink, since it stacks on top of other reward programs, but instead of points it applies cash back as a statement credit on your card. You need a Visa business card to enroll, but it’s super useful for Staples purchases. You earn 1% cash back on all purchases there, including gift cards!

These are just a few great rewards programs. What ones do you use?

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