The American Airlines And US Airways Merger

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US Airways MergerI just received an interesting letter in the mail from Barclaycard regarding their US Airways card. As you’ve probably heard, US Airways and American Airlines are merging. During this process, people have been worrying about the Barclaycard US Airways MasterCard and if it’s worth signing-up for/what it will change into. Worry no more! Because, I just received this letter explaining what is and isn’t changing. (If you have an US Airways card, chances are you have or will receive this letter as well.)

US AIrways and American Airlines Merger

Current US Airways Benefits
As of now, the US Airways card gives you the following:

  • Earns Dividend Miles.
  • Gives you priority boarding zone 2 on US Airways flights.
  • Book US Airways flights for 5,000 fewer miles.
  • Free checked bag for you and 4 companions per flight.
  • Earn and Redeem American Airline miles

US AIrways and American Airlines Merger

Benefits That Will Be Discontinued in 2015
Here is what will be discontinued on this card, starting in 2015. These perks are currently available, so if you sign-up now you can still take advantage of them.

  • $99 Companion Certificate – This is one of the best US Airways MasterCard perks, so it’s sad to see this disappearing, but it was expected. This certificate is good for 2 guests to travel at that price.
  • Miles Toward Preferred Status – When you spend $25,000 or more per year, you get 10,000 of your miles turned into Preferred-Qualifying miles. This is disappearing, so take advantage of this one, by using one of the many manufactured spending techniques.
  • US Airways Club Day Pass and Membership Discount – The club day pass you received for 2014, will be the last one you receive. This is also the last $75 coupon towards an US Airways Membership.
  • First Class Check-in – This is also coming to an end in 2015.

US AIrways and American Airlines Merger

New Benefits Coming in 2015
All’s not lost! There are new benefits coming to this card, or should I say, to the American Airlines AAdvantage MasterCard which is what your US Airways card will turn into.

  • 10% Miles Back Every Year – I think the idea behind this, is to keep you from canceling the card. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent perk if you fly American Airlines often.
  • 25% Off In-Flight Purchases – This includes everything from food to movies to wifi.
  • $100 Flight Discount – You earn one $100 flight discount every year that you spend $30,000 annually. This is a pretty weak yearly spend bonus if you ask me.
  • More Details Coming Soon – There will be more updates coming soon, so hopefully this card gets better.

US AIrways and American Airlines Merger

Q & A’s
There was a final Q & A’s sections on the letter (above) if you want to check that out. As of now, I don’t see myself keeping this card, but I hope there are more updates that change my mind.

What are your thoughts on the changes?

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