Changing Tides

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This blog has been nothing but fun for me to write these past few months and it’s all thanks to you guys! I wouldn’t be writing if there was no one to write for. I really appreciate you all reading and commenting on my posts. I hope I’ve made this blog a bookmark in your daily reading.

I also want to thank everyone that’s shopped through my Amazon portal on the right or the deals page, even when you’re only buying something minuscule like 10 – $0.15 gift cards ;). That has paid for 20% of my hosting, which helps a lot! So, thank you. Changes
I have a few things I’ve been looking to change regarding my blog. First, I hate Jetpack’s subscribe feature. They send out an email for every post even if there are multiple posts a day. I find that annoying and I’m sure some of you do as well. As an alternative, I’m going to start using Mailchimp. I use that at my day job already and I really like it, so it’s a perfect fit. If you already subscribed to my blog, don’t worry you’re still subscribed. If you haven’t, why not subscribe via the link on the sidebar? I promise there will only be a max of one email per day!

Second, I’m going to change my post frequency. Life never seems to slow down, so I’m going to lower my post frequency to something like 2-3 posts a week. Now, I say this, but will I actually stick to that post frequency? We’ll see. Once I have a set schedule (5 posts a week + deals), I have a tendency to never break that schedule. I’m a bit OCD about that sort of thing and I’m sure my wife can attest to that. So, maybe this 2-3 posts per week will never happen. Just be aware that it might.

Finally, my blog topics are going to expand. I purposely chose the name FrugalHackMe, because I wanted to post about many things not just manufactured spending. Don’t get me wrong, I love MS, but I also want to post about other frugal related things. My lovely wife is going to be kicking this off, by doing a guest post next week. So, that’s what’s new and what’s coming. Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for more exciting happenings!

Bonus: Did anyone get Watch Dogs? It’s super sweet!

Bonus #2: See below for a picture of my lovely wife being lovely in St.Thomas. 🙂

Jenni Tasman

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