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BlogThere are tens of thousands of travel blogs, most of which are good reads. The question is, what one would you read if it was the only one available? That could mean you only have time for one blog, there’s only one available, or it’s the highest quality blog around. Whatever the case, if there was only one blog, which would you read?

Best Content
From a content standpoint, Frequent Miler is the champ. He usually only posts Monday through Friday, but they are always high quality. I love that he doesn’t shove credit card links in your face like Million Mile Secrets and The Points Guy does and he doesn’t repost what everyone else is posting. He comes up with new ideas, finds new products, and he’s an expert on what he posts. If you are looking for high quality content, Frequent Miler is where you’ll find it.

Enjoyable to Read
As I mentioned above, I love reading Frequent Miler. That’s far from the only blog I read daily, though.

Here are a few I subscribe to:

That’s far from a comprehensive list, but it gives you a glimpse at my daily RSS feed. If I had to pick the blog that is the most enjoyable to read, it would be Travel Blogger Buzz. His blog is extremely entertaining to read, because all he does is make fun of other blogs. If you’re a travel junkie and you haven’t checked out his blog, do it now! It’s bound to give you a few laughs.

Blogs I Would Never Choose
Don’t get me wrong, these blogs do a GREAT job at targeting their specific audience. That being said, their audience is not me. These blogs commonly post the same posts over and over, except with different words (i.e. credit card offers). That gets annoying – quick. I understand they are making a business out of their blogs, but it gets ridiculous.

Here are a few blogs I would never choose to read, if it was the only one I could.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I still read these blogs in hopes of quality posts (which they occasionally have) but I wouldn’t consider them to be the best blogs to read.

Which Blog I Would Pick
Hands down, Frequent Miler. Like I mentioned above, he writes some of the best points/mile posts out there. I like many other blogs and choosing only one would be difficult, but ultimately I would choose the one that I feel provides me with the most value.

How about you? What blog would you choose if you could only read one?

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