May 2014 Traffic and Income Report

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MoneyThe other day I was reading one of the many blogs I frequent and I realized something: I love transparent bloggers. By that I mean, bloggers that post the best credit card offers regardless of the commission they may or may not receive. Bloggers that write great content even if they don’t make any money from it. Basically, bloggers that don’t try to sell you something on every post.

I’m trying to get better at that, so I decided I’d start posting my monthly traffic and income reports. That way my blog is completely transparent and you can see exactly how many readers I get monthly, how much I make or don’t make off this blog, and how my first blog is going. Also, I hope to end the ongoing idea that “bloggers kill every deal, because all they care about is their credit card affiliates”. That’s not true… at least here it’s not.

I got this idea from Donnie Law and The Smart Passive Income. Both of them are very transparent in the way they blog and I really like that!

So, without further adieu let’s get started.


May Stats

May was slower than March and April in terms of views, but was a little higher in terms of visitors. I’m guessing there are less views, because many of you are repeat readers which means you’ve already visited the other pages of my blog. The higher amount of visitors is likely due to the extra day May had compared to April.

The final numbers were as follows:

Views: 11,965
Visitors: 3,408

My goal is to increase those numbers monthly from now on. I’ve been working on my SEO, so we’ll see if it pays off next month.

Top 3 Posts


I still have yet to make a profit from this blog, which is fine. I’m sure that’ll come one day. Last month did see the highest amount of money come in though, which was pretty exciting.

Here are last month’s numbers: Ads: $31.06
Amazon Associates:$19.60
ViglInk: $1.50
Hosting Cost: -$52.89

Profit: -$0.70

The interesting thing about the ads is I made more than half of my year to date income from there. At the time of this post, my total income is $51.86.

The income from Amazon Associates is normal. I average right around $19 a month from there. I really do appreciate when you shop through my Amazon portal!

Viglink is the newest affiliate marketing I’ve tried. Basically, they monetize every merchant link I make. So far, it doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble.

Hosting is expensive. I started out only paying $6.99 a month for shared hosting, but it was terribly slow and went down quite often. Because of that I upgraded, but that upgrade didn’t come without a price.

A $0.70 loss is really good! That’s the closest I’ve ever come to breaking even, so I was extremely happy to see that.

On to the next month, I suppose.

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