June 2014 Income and Traffic Report

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Is it just me or did June seem to fly by? In fact, I feel like summer is half way done and I barely started wearing shorts. Regardless, here I am in the middle of July posting June’s income and traffic report. I wanted to get this post done at the beginning of last week, but it simply didn’t work out. Going forward I’m going to try to post these closer to the beginning of the month (i.e. July’s report will hopefully be posted in first week of August). Hopefully I can stick to that!

If you want a recap, you can check out last month’s report below:

Onto June…


June StatsJune had almost 7,000 more views! I’m not entirely sure what caused the increase in traffic, but I have been working on my SEO approach. I’m no expert by any means, but here’s what I changed last month that could have had an effect on my traffic.

  • I started using a new SEO plugin called Yoast WordPress SEO. This plugin has very high ratings and has worked well for me so far.
  • I started adding Alt text to my images. I read somewhere that Google looks at Alt text to when they add images to Google Images. I have no idea whether that is true or not, but I started doing it anyway. It only adds a few seconds to my postings, so why not?
  • I’m focusing my posts on a few keywords rather than sentences. Again, I’m not sure what the truth is to this, but focusing an article on a few keywords is supposed to increase your Google page ranking.

Did any of this actually change my Google page rank? I’m not entirely sure, but it seems to have helped my traffic. If you have any SEO tips, please leave them in the comments. I am still a novice at this blogging thing and I love to learn new tricks!

The final numbers were as follows:

Views: 18,883
Visitors: 8,420

Top 5 Posts


The income from this blog was less in June than it was in May, which is surprising since there were more views/visitors. That’s quite alright though, because the purpose of this blog is to inform and assist. The only reason there’s any income is thanks to you guys! I really appreciate when you click-through my Amazon link on the sidebar and on the Deals page. It greatly helps subsidize my hosting costs.

Let’s get down to the numbers:

Amazon.com Associates Central - Home

As I mentioned June was a slower month than May in terms of income.The income from Amazon Associates was about $4 less. I tried using my own Amazon link last month, but it didn’t work :(. I’m not surprised it didn’t work, but I had to try.

Dashboard – VigLink - June 2014 Viglink is a VERY slow earner, to the point where I’m not sure it’s worth it. The only reason I continue to use it, is because I haven’t found a better alternative. I use it primarily on my Deals page when a link can be monetized. I don’t specifically post deals that profit me, though. So, it’s possible the deals that are monetized are more popular than the ones that are.

Media.net  DashboardMedia.net has been very steady and I’ve liked using this service more than I have Adsense. I know I know I hate ads too, but I have to pay the hosting bills somehow. This month Media.net saw a lower-income than May, but it’s still higher than every other month so I’m not complaining.

June Totals:

Media.net Ads: $24.47
Amazon Associates: $15.80
ViglInk: $2.00
Credit Card Links: $0
Other Affiliate Links: $0
Hosting Cost: -$52.89

Profit: -$10.62

My views increased significantly, my SEO seems to be working, and I still enjoy blogging. I’ve got to say, this has been a good month!

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