A Few Quick Deals

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$5 off a Fandango Movie Ticket
Use code: CS8436 for all 5 spots when you need to enter your codes. Fandango will then email you the $5 coupon. You can do this twice (two coupons per person per email).

Monster PowerProtect 4 Outlet Surge Protector
This is selling for $9.88 at Sears with $6.91 back in points making these basically $2.97 each. If you were to sell them on Amazon for $14.95 (which is what they are selling for) you would make $10.12 after fees. That works out to $7.15 profit.

100pcs Multi-functional Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner – $9.98
These are made of the same material as magic erasers are, but instead of only buying 8 for this price, you get 100.

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