The Ultimate Google Search FAQ

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Google FAQGoogle Analytics is great. It shows me how many visitors I receive, where they are coming from, how long they stay on my site, and what they search for to reach It’s quite the informative application, which is not surprising considering that Google made it.

The one thing I don’t like about it, though, is that I cannot respond to any of the people with search questions. Fortunately, I plan to eradicate that problem… with this post.

Here are my blog’s top searched questions and terms verbatim.

Serve vs Bluebird
Here you go.

Manufactured Spending
I have a lot of posts on manufactured spending, but here are the most important ones.

Bluebird vs Serve
See above. For some reason this question brings people to the regular Bluebird page.

How to hack Vanilla Reload
Hack is a weird word with a lot of definitions, so I’m not entirely sure what this person was asking. Did your vanilla reload have a weird cough? I’m not a doctor, so I couldn’t help you with that. Did you try to hack your VR in half? You shouldn’t need to Google that. They’re literally 1/16″. Grab a pair of scissors. Did you want to hack into other people’s Vanilla Reloads? That’s illegal and plain mean. I’d be very upset if you hacked into my VRs!

Manufactured Spending 2014
This has been an interesting year for MS. We lost our beloved VRs at CVS, we had quite a few issues with gift cards at Walmart, and Speedway stopped selling OVs. If you want manufactured spending ideas for August 2014, check out these posts.

That’s me!

Vanilla Reload Hack
See above.

JH Preferred
You can check out my post on this card here. It has lost it’s appeal to me, now that VRs are harder to come by, but for some, it’s still a weapon in their arsenal.

One VIP Card American Express
This is not a very exciting card at all, but if you want to learn about it, check out this post and this one.

Is Manufactured Spending Illegal?
No, it’s not as long as you do it legally 🙂

Load Serve with Credit Card
Check out this post.

Easiest Manufactured Spending
That depends on your definition of easy. I would say these are the easiest methods of manufactured spending currently available.

Hacking Vanilla Reload
Why does everyone want to hack these?

US Bank Visa Buxx
This is by far my favorite Buxx card.

Manufactured Spending Spreadsheets
I’m assuming this person was looking to keep track of their MS. If that’s so, I suggest looking into YNAB and this post.

Money Transfer From Bank Account to Bluebird
This is pretty easy, see this post.

How to Hack Visa Gift Cards
Does everyone really want to steal money from innocent people?

Prepaid Cards for Teens Manufactured Spending
Buxx Buxx Buxx!
I’m a little surprised that this is searched multiple times. You can find my favorite links here.

Family Fare Vanilla Reload
Vanillas do occasionally live at Spartan stores and yes they are purchasable with a credit card.

Manufactured Spend Money Order
You can find money order prices and locations here.

How to Hack a Bank Account and Withdraw Money
Hacking someones bank account and stealing their money is plain wrong.

Fee to Load Serve With Credit Card?
Nope it’s completely free and it will earn you points (as long as you use a non-Amex credit card).

Sell Gift Cards
Here’s my post on selling gift cards

How to Manufacturer Spend Without Vanilla Reload
By chance, I have a post on just that!

Vanilla vs One Vanilla Prepaid Visa Difference
There are a lot of different Vanilla products, so it can get confusing. Here is how to identify the different products.

Everything About Wallaby
Everything: Wallaby

Frugal Amazon
Amazon is an amazing marketplace that can easily be maximized.

Frugal Hack Amazon Payments
I believe this is the post you were looking for.

Can I Add Funds to Visa Buxx With a Credit Card
Yes you can.

Chime vs Serve Prepaid Card
Those are two completely different prepaid products. In fact, I would suggest you get both of them, because they’re free and extremely useful!

Can I Load my Bluebird Card With Paypal
Yes and you can earn cash back doing it.

2014 Amex Serve Load Chase Freedom Fee
There is no fee from Amex, however, there is a chance you will be charged a cash advance fee from Chase. I suggest secure messaging Chase to lower your cash advance line to $0 before adding money to Serve with a Chase Freedom.

How Many Chime Cards Can I Get?

Meijer Money Order Credit Card
You cannot buy a money order at Meijer with a credit card. You can use a gift card/prepaid card though.

Send Money Through Amazon Payments to Bluebird for Direct Deposit Bonus
That does work.

Travel Hack TD Bank Go Card No Longer Accepting Loads Via Credit Card
Sadly, TD Go is only going to accept TD Go credit card loads starting September 3, 2014.

American Express We’re Still Processing Your Application. Please Check Your Email for an Update.
Call American Express and they should be able to expedite your application. Chances are, there was something entered incorrectly on your application, or you recently cancelled a Serve or Bluebird account.

Are Amex Offers Redeemable on Authorized Users Cards?

Arguably my Most Popular Post is my Post on Buxx
It’s true, it is.

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