Next Week’s Australian Anniversary Trip

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Sydney Opera HouseAs of August 12th, my lovely wife and I have been married two whole years! Here are a few highlights from those two years:

Josh and Jenni Tasman Wedding

Our actual wedding day

Pixel Tasman Kitten

Our first kitten

Our move

To celebrate our anniversary, we went all out. We bought italian take-out and binge watched True Blood. I know, very exciting stuff, but our real celebration will take place next week in Australia.

Here’s our itinerary:

  • 5 days in Adelaide, Australia. We are staying at a new hotel called The Watson. We chose this hotel, because there weren’t very many hotel point options and staying in a brand new five-star hotel never hurts. Not to mention, the price was ridiculously cheap, since it just opened.
  • 5 days in Sydney, Australia. Sydney was a must since it’s one of the most popular Australian cities. We’re staying 3 nights at the Park Hyatt and 2 at the Radisson Blu.
  • 1 day in Shanghai, China. We have a 23 hour layover in Shanghai, so we are staying at the Radisson Blu.

Australia is a place we always wanted to visit, and thanks to points and miles, we are able to in business/first class! I did a quick flight search and the flights alone would cost us around $27,000+. We spent somewhere between 270,000 and 300,000 miles, which means our miles were worth about 10 cents each. I’d say that’s a pretty decent redemption.

Flights from Grand Rapids to Adelaide - Google SearchI have a few posts in the works about this trip that relates to the points used, the total cost (it’s definitely not free, just deeply discounted), a trip report, and more. However, while I’m gone, I likely won’t have very many posts (if any). I’ll try to respond to comments and questions, though, but I cannot guarantee it’ll be in a timely manner.

If you have visited Australia or China and have some suggestions on what to do there, let me know. We don’t have our plans completely nailed down yet, so we are open to ideas. If you want to keep up with all the happenings in the points and miles world while I’m gone, check out some of these blogs.


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