Chime and Fuel Rewards Sign-up Bonuses

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This may be old news to some, as most people probably received these emails on 9/5/14 like I did. However, I didn’t have the time to post about it while on vacation, so I will do it now.Invite Chime Friends

Chime is running a promotion where you can earn $10 by referring friends and being referred. You can check out my post about Chime and the best ways to use it here. To earn the $10 bonus, you need to fund your new Chime account with at least $50 when signing up. You have until 9/30/14 to take advantage of this offer. If you want to use my referral link for this bonus, you can do so here. Thank you for the support!

Fuel Network ReferralCoincidently, Fuel Rewards Network is running a similar referral bonus right now. Theirs is a bit different, but still worth signing up for. The bonus is as follows; If you sign-up under someone’s referral link (if you use mine, that would be awesome!), you get $0.25 off per gallon on your next Shell fill-up. After, you use your new Fuel Rewards Network card to fill up, the referee (me, if you use my link) gets $0.25 off per gallon. It’s a win-win. You can sign-up here.


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