August 2014 Income and Traffic Report

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As I’ve mentioned before, these income and traffic reports are meant to showcase the growth of my blog and provide a level of transparency for the readers. Blogging is far from a get rich quick scheme and it’s definitely a lot of work, so I hope these posts help showcase that.

I’m a bit behind in writing this post, due to my recent vacation, but here it is anyway. If you are interested in the previous three reports, you can check them out below.

Hit the break to see how August measured up.


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August is the third month in a row that has seen an increase in views and visitors to my blog. That is awesome! I really appreciate all of you who have been checking out my blog daily and sharing it. It really means a lot.

Anyway, there was a 16% increase in views during August. That’s not quite as much of an increase as July saw, but I’m still happy to see an increase! Here are the reasons that this increase likely occurred:

  • My blog was linked to at least two times by other blogs.
  • I continued adjusting my SEO, however, I’m not sure if that is helping, harming, or doing nothing. I’d love to be able to check on this.

August’s final numbers were as follows:

Views: 26,749
Visitors: 9,444

Top 5 Posts


August was not only the third month in a row that had an increase in viewership, but it was also the second month in a row where earned a profit! Overall, my blog is still in the red, but the fact that there is starting to be a profit earned, excites me.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about profitizing my blog:

  • Amazon Associates only works when you post deals and products. After a while, people don’t see the Amazon button on the sidebar or they simply forget about it when they are shopping. The only time I earned money with AA, was when I posted Amazon deals.
  • has a great RPM that can earn you a lot of ad revenue, if your blog is big enough.
  • People love great content. You are more likely to profit from a well written article, than a poorly written one. (e.g. my Chime post) Speaking of Chime, if you do not have a Chime account yet, now would be the time to sign-up since they are offering a bonus.

August’s final numbers: Ads: $41.13
Credit Card Links: $0
Chime Referral: $20
Hosting Cost: -$52.89

Profit: $8.24

That’s it for August. I’ll have September’s report posted in early October.

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