Targeted $5 off Any Purchase with Chime

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Get $5 on us this weekend ChimeI received the above email earlier today and of course the first thing I noticed was the lack of which Chime card this was for, because I have a few. So, I checked which email it applied to and logged in to see if there was a message on my account (there wasn’t). Hmm… I got the email on that card so it must be legit, so I bought a $5 Amazon gift card with it and it worked! The $5 credit was immediately applied to my account.

Chime Amazon Gift Cards

Being a lover of all deals, I decided to try buying another $5 Amazon gift card with a different Chime account to see if it would work. Sadly, it didn’t, so this deal must be targeted. Check your emails to see if you got the deal or not!

Oddly enough, after I bought that gift card I received the following email:

You just saved $1.00! ChimeSince that was far from my first purchase, I found that email to be very strange. However, free money is free money, so I’m happy to accept it.

Update: I checked my account for that $1.00 credit and it is not in there. I’m not sure if that email was a glitch or if I will receive the $1.00 at later time. I’m assuming it’s the former, but who knows.

If you want to learn more about Chime, you can do so here. If you don’t have a Chime card yet, there is a $10 sign-up bonus right now. You can find the info here.

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