September 2014 Income and Traffic Report

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This is ridiculous; As I am writing this September report, it is snowing outside. There is something seriously wrong with that picture! Fall barely started and it has already snowed, not to mention it was in the 70s earlier this week… Weather is weird.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. This is my September 2014 Income and Traffic Report. If you’ve read these before, then you probably already know how they work. If you haven’t, here’s the rundown. These posts are meant to showcase the inner workings of my blog. They’re also designed to show you just how much I do and do not make from this gig #transparency. If you are interested in any statistics that I do not share in these posts, let me know and I can start adding it to these posts.

If you are interested in the previous three reports, you can check them out below.


September 2014 Traffic and Income Report

Sadly, September broke my streak of monthly traffic increases. Is it a big deal? No really. Blogging has its ups and downs and I fully expect that my October views will bounce back and be higher than September.

September saw a 20% decrease in views and a 3% increase in visitors compared to August. The reason for this is likely my recent vacation. I did not post anything new for about two weeks and one of those weeks was during September. I had plans to post while away, but I couldn’t find the time. Next time, I will probably schedule some posts in advance, so as to keep a steady flow of visitors.

September’s final numbers were as follows:

Views: 21.416
Visitors: 9,752

Top 5 Posts


In late September, I was approved for referral links from (as you may have seen on the homepage). I believe those links will likely play a big role on blog’s income for two reasons. First, people may use those links which will lead to referral income. Second, that ad replaced my main ad, which will likely decrease my monthly income from them. Unfortunately, I will not be able to report income from those sign-ups on these posts. I have an idea where I might be able to report it in the future, but at this time, I’m not sure if it will work or not.

This month was by far my most profitable month yet! I just want to take a minute and say thank you to everyone that has visited my site this past month. I really do appreciate you!

Here are a few things I’ve learned about profitizing my blog last month:

  • Amazon Associates only works when you post deals and products. After a while, people don’t see the Amazon button on the sidebar or they simply forget about it when they are shopping. The only time I earned money with AA, was when I posted Amazon deals.
  • has a great RPM that can earn you a lot of ad revenue, if your blog is big enough. I do not have a lot of experience with Google AdSense, but it seems like is very competitive with them.
  • People love great content. You are more likely to profit from a well written article, than a poorly written one (e.g. my Chime post). Speaking of Chime, if you do not have a Chime account yet, now would be the time to sign-up since they are offering a bonus. If you have a Chime card, feel free to post your affiliate link on the post I linked to.

Here are a few things I learned about profitizing my blog this month:

  • Your goal when starting a blog should not be profit. It takes a long time and a lot of work to earn anything from a blog. You should focus on great content before money. People are more likely to visit a blog based on content, which could be more profitable in the end.
  • Ad optimization is key. Ads need to blend with your layout to make them for appealing. I need to work on this, because my ad placements annoy me.

September’s final numbers: Ads: $40.64 ($0.49 less than last month)
Credit Card Links: $0
Amazon Associates: $0.21 ($0.21 more than last month)
Chime Referral: $70 ($50 more than last month)
Hosting Cost: -$52.89

Profit: $57.96

September was an awesome month and I couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you very much! Keep an eye out in November, for my next report.

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