Into The Nights Incremental Update

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IHG Into the Nights PromotionAs I mentioned before, I decided to participate in IHG’s Into The Nights Promotion. In that post, there were a lot of variables I left to chance. Would my account be closed for using multiple promo codes? If it didn’t get cancelled how many points would I earn? Would my BRGs get approved? If they were approved, would I still get credit for my stay? I don’t have the answers to all of those questions, but I do for some.

Before I decided to participate in this promotion, I didn’t have any status with IHG and I still don’t, I had under 10k IHG points, and I have only stayed at a few (under 5) IHG properties. The likely reason for my (dis)loyalty to the IHG brand is that I have yet to include their credit card in any of my AORs. I keep meaning to, but I always find better options at the time.

If you have similar (dis)loyalty to IHG, I would still suggest participating in this promotion. In fact, chances are you will get a better Into The Nights offer without loyalty than with it.

Best Rate Guarantee

If you do not know what a BRG is, it’s a guarantee from the hotel chain that they have the best rate per night. If you find a lower rate for a BRG stay, the hotel will match the price, give you a discount on the room, and/or give you the first night free (depending on the chain). Since IHG has one of the most generous BRG policies in the industry, I always check around to see if I can find a better price. In this case, I found better rates for both my stays.

For my first stay, the price on was $84 while the price on was $83. A $1 difference is minuscule, but if it gives me a free night I’m willing to try! Unfortunately, this BRG was denied because amextravel rates do not qualify.

For my second stay, the price on was $94 and the price on was $92. I submitted this BRG before I was denied for the first one, so I did not know amextravel didn’t qualify. This one was obviously denied as well, but not for the amextravel reason. They said that the rates were not EXACTLY the same. The difference was that amextravel’s rate was refundable and IHG’s wasn’t.

Including the above two BRGs, I’ve submitted a total of four to IHG and every one of them has been denied for a different reason. First, I was denied because the hotel price difference was not at least 1%. The terms say that the price difference needs to be the higher of $1 or 1%. Second, I was denied because the currencies were different, even though the Chinese Yen price was more than 1% less than the US dollar price when converted. Then, I was denied for the above mentioned reasons. IHG is a real stickler when it comes to BRGs. I guess they have to be when it involves a free night.

For more information on BRGs and BRG deals, check out this blog.

Have you had any luck with BRGs?

Promotional Codes

Recently, there have been multiple reports of IHG account closures due to the use of non-account targeted promotional codes being used. Personally, I thought it was being blown way out of proportion, so I figured I would test the waters. For my first stay, I entered every promo code I could find on this Flyertalk thread. It took about 15-20 minutes, but I figured it would pay off, at least I hoped.

Was my account closed? No.

The amount of accounts that use these codes and are not closed is significantly higher than the amount of accounts that use these codes and are closed. The only difference is that people report closures more than they report successes. If you have a large IHG point balance or have status that you are worried about losing, create a new account and enter the codes on there. Worst case scenario, that account gets closed and you still have your main account.

Here was the point breakdown from my first stay.

IHG® Rewards Club Stay

As you can see I earned 11,711 points for a 2 night say. I expected to earn more from this, but these are on top of the the Into The Nights promo, so I can’t complain to much. The points from my second stay have not posted yet, but I expect it to be a bit less. Why? Because, when I went in and tried entering all the codes again only a few of them actually worked.

Final Breakdown

Stay 1Stay 2
# of Nights21
Cost per Night$84$94
Total Cost$196.68$108.16
Points Earned11,711Pending

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