A Plethora of Kohl’s Coupons

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Kohl's CouponsIt seems like every other week Kohl’s is running a new promotion with many stackable coupons. This week is no different, other than the fact that it’s one of their most generous weeks yet. Why? Because, they are offering stackable coupons, Yes2Rewards, and Kohl’s Cash all in the same week. That’s a great combination for reselling!

If you’ve never resold at Kohl’s, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Kohl’s charge card is the best way to maximize savings at Kohl’s. It’s pretty much the only way to get 30% off coupons and Kohl’s also offers other charge card specific coupons throughout the year. If you really want to resell at Kohl’s, the charge card is the way to go.
  • Kohl’s cash works like this: You earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend during a Kohl’s cash promotion. The Kohl’s cash you earn can then be used usually a week later, but it’s only valid for a week’s time after it can be used. For example, if you get $10 in Kohl’s cash on day 1, you can then use that cash on day 8 through day 15.
  • With Yes2Rewards, you earn 1 point per dollar spent and every 100 points earns you $5.
  • You can use up to 4 coupon codes per only order. One can be a general % off, one can be a $ off, one can be free shipping, and one can be a special promotion (if there is one).

I have an in-depth post coming down the pipeline about Kohl’s, so stay tuned. If you have any questions now, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Here are the current Kohl’s coupons:

  • TOYLIST10: $10 off $50 spent in toys
  • TRICK30: 30% off your order (Kohl’s Charge card only)
  • LEAVESFALL: 15% off your order (non Kohl’s Charge)
  • SHIP2YOU: Free shipping (Kohl’s Charge card only)


  • Free shipping when you spend $75.
  • $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend before taxes and shipping.

Before buying anything at Kohl’s, make sure you’re signed up for Yes2Rewards and you have a Kohl’s account to earn Kohl’s cash! Also, don’t forget to use a portal. Usually, portals are pretty generous when it comes to Kohl’s.

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