Cadillac Conundrum and UFB Direct Chime Loads

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Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles With Cadillac

Cadillac and AA Promo

The recent Cadillac promotion was great while it lasted. Fortunately, I got in on it at the last-minute. Here’s how my test drive went:

The promotion went live on October 15, but I waited until the 23rd to actually take my test drive. This was primarily because I was being lazy, but I also I didn’t want to sit on the phone for an hour to book my appointment. Anyway, on the 21st I came across an article or a thread (I’m not exactly sure where) that mentioned I could book my test drive in a chat on Cadillac’s website. So, I did just that.

After playing 20 questions with the customer service representative, I had my appointment booked for the 23rd. Now, let’s fast forward two days, when I actually showed up for the appointment.

The sales rep had no idea who I was or what I was doing there, so I explained the situation to him and he took me on a test drive. I heard a few reports of the representatives straight up asking customers if they were really interesting in test driving a car or simply wanted the points, but that didn’t happen to me. In fact, I was the first person to go to this Cadillac dealer and mention the promotion, at least that’s what the sales guy said.

After we got back from the drive, the salesman taught me virtually everything there was to know about the CTS I drove. Honestly, though, it went in one ear and out the other, so I couldn’t regurgitate any of it, even if I tried. I then wrapped up the promotion by answering a bunch more questions and I was on my way.

Today, I checked my AA account to see if the points posted, because I never received any confirmation from the sales rep saying he submitted the paperwork. To my surprise, the points had posted and they posted on 10/21, which was the day I registered for the promotion. I don’t think the points actually posted that day, but I think they are dated on the 21st because I registered that day. If they did post right after I registered, that would have been awesome to know before I bothered going to the test drive. I’m not saying the test drive was bad (the car was sweet), but I would’ve used my time for something more productive had I not had to go.

Cadillac American Airlines Miles


Did you get in on this deal? If so, did your points post yet?

Chime Loads

Recently, I talked about whether Chime was worth keeping open or not. I think it is, primarily because I can load it with my UFB card and earn AA miles. Unfortunately, Akshay brought it to my attention that UFB only rewards points for PIN transactions, which Chime loads are not. This may have been a change to the UFB reward system or it may just be something they write, but don’t enforce, because when I test loaded my Chime card with UFB (when Chime first came out), my points did post. It took about 6-8 weeks, but it worked. Once I receive my new UFB card, I will try it again and report back whether the points are posting or not.

UFB Direct Chime LoadIf anyone has a datapoint on this, I’d love to hear it!

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