Evolve Money: You Can Now Pay Your Bills with a Credit Card

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Evolve MoneyEvolve Money recently updated their system to allow the use of Discover credit cards to pay bills. This is great news, because Evolve’s recent updates before this one have been devolving the system.

First, they set the limit of bill payments per payee to four per month. Next, they removed the ability to use credit cards (and Paypal debit) to pay bills. Then, they only allowed you to bill pay a payee once per month. They were on a downward spiral, but it seems like they’re finally pulling out of it.


Will I earn cash back by using a Discover card on Evolve?
Time will tell, but my gut tells me no. I hope I’m wrong!

Will I earn 5% cash back during this quarter by using Discover on Evolve?
Again, time will tell, but I think the answer is no. I feel like Discover wouldn’t want to pay out cash back on a service that they don’t have to, especially since there are no fees to use Evolve.

Are there any fees to use Discover on Evolve?
Nope. In fact, until 12/31/14, all express ($1.50) fees are waived.

Does Discover charge cash advance fees for Evolve payments?
It’s unlikely, but we don’t know for sure. As a precaution, I would suggest lowering your cash advance line to $0.

You can find all the details on Evolve’s blog.

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