Fuel Rewards Network Sign-Up Bonus

New Fuel Rewards Network Sign-up Bonus

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Fuel Rewards Network has a new sign-up bonus that is arguably better than their last. This time around you can earn $0.60 off per gallon (or more) by signing up, linking a card, and doing a bit of shopping. Really, I consider the sign-up bonus to be $0.40 off per gallon, because I personally wouldn’t complete all three requirements. I don’t like shopping for product to earn bonuses.

If you don’t already have a Fuel Rewards Network account, now is the perfect time to sign-up. Here’s how you get the sign-up bonus:

Disclaimer: if you sign-up for FRN, I will earn a $0.05/gal reward.

  1. Sign-up for Fuel Rewards Network.
  2. Use your new FRN card to buy 8 gallons of gas or more to earn $0.20/gal off on your next fill up.
  3. Link a MasterCard credit or debit card to earn another $0.20/gal off.
  4. Use the MasterCard you linked in the previous step to shop at JCPenny, ToysRus, and/or Olive Garden. For every cumulative $100 you spend at those stores, you’ll earn another $0.20/gal off. This is the step I would skip, because I don’t expect to shop at any of those three stores in the near future.

Steps 2, 3, and 4 are optional. You do not have to earn every bonus, but I would suggest completing 2 and 3, since they are easy to earn (if you fill up at Shell often). The above steps need to be completed by 3/1/15, if you want the bonus(es).

As a side note, you also earn $0.03/gal off on every fill up once you’ve exhausted the sign-up bonus.

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