December 2014 Income and Traffic Report frugalhackme

December 2014 Income and Traffic Report

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Welcome to 2015 everyone! I don’t know about you, but I had an awesome year full of travel, new experiences, and a lot of points! Anyway, now that the holidays are over and we’re into a new month, it’s time for another traffic and income report.

By now, most of you are probably familiar with these posts, but for those of you who are new, here’s what they’re all about…

Every month, I make it a point to post the previous month’s income and traffic received on this blog. Why? Because I feel it’s important to stay transparent and accountable for everything I post. Blogging is far from a get rich quick scheme, regardless of what most people think, so I just want to highlight that.

You can view the last three reports below:


As I’ve mentioned before, I almost never look at my monthly stats until I’m writing that month’s traffic and income report. I don’t actively avoid looking at it, I just don’t think it portrays useful statistics until the month is over. During the month, I prefer to look at daily and weekly stats, because I can actually compare that to my previous month and estimate how the current month will measure up.

I’m happy to report that this month has been my best month yet! It seems like I say that every month, but that’s only because every month has been an improvement. Looking at stats like this is super exciting for me, so thank you all for continuing to read and check out my blog regularly!

If you’re interested in the numbers, this month saw a 6.5% increase in views compared to last month. In addition to that, there was an 8% increase in visitors. Here are the final numbers:

Views per Visitor2.262.24

Top 5 Posts

  1. Money Order Prices and Locations – It still shocks me that this post is so popular considering it was posted in April. I followed it up this month with an updated list.
  2. Load Serve With a Debit Card or Credit Card – If you maximize your online loads, it’s an easy $1,000 – $3,000 of extra manufactured spending. If you want to learn about which debit cards count as debit cards, check out this post.
  3. New Fuel Rewards Sign-up Bonus – Shell is my favorite gas station thanks to their Fuel Rewards and right now they have an awesome sign-up bonus!
  4. Should You Manufacture Spend? – It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of manufactured spending before jumping in the game. You could be risking a lot of money!
  5. Send Money From Serve to Your Bank – This is one way to liquidate your Serve account. Personally, I prefer to just pay my credit card bills with their bill pay system.


This month’s income was a bit lower than last months, which doesn’t exactly correlate with the increase of visitors. However, the sole purpose of this blog isn’t to generate income, it’s to inform, educate, and assist. Any money earned is just an added perk of blogging, so a surplus of money, even just a few dollars extra, is amazing! You can check out the totals below.

NovemberDecember Ads:$35.32$36.29
Amazon Associates:$12.05$13.35
Total Profit:$14.57$6.75


This was my best month yet all thanks to you. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that reads, shares, and shops through my blog. Thank you thank you thank you, you guys are awesome!

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