New Feature: Daily Deals

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If you were lurking around my blog last Tuesday, you might have noticed random pop-ups or other miscellaneous changes occurring. I apologize about that, but I’m a visual person, so I have to see what a change will look like before I go through with it.

Anyway, thanks to my lovely wife and a few hours of testing, I now have a “Daily Deals” slider on the right side of my blog. If you’re on a screen with a resolution smaller than 1082px (e.g. a mobile phone), then you won’t see it due to spacial constraints.

What’s the point of it you ask? Well, on that tab I’m going to display my favorite deal, post, or other link I find that day (I’m sure you could’ve guessed that). So, make sure you check it daily. As an alternative, you could just follow me on Twitter and see them there with the hashtag #fhmdod (frugalhackme deal of the day). The deals are likely to be completely random, so who knows what you’ll find there.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: Based on the content (deals) posted, there likely will be affiliate links.

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