Update: UFB Direct and Chime

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After a long two months anticipating whether UFB Direct loads to Chime earn AA miles, we have our answer… Wait you forgot about that post? Yeah, me too.

I just received an email from AA, saying 25 miles had been added to my account and I had no idea what from. After a bit of researching, I figured out that it had been from my UFB Direct. That means that even though UFB specifically says only PIN based transactions earn miles, loads to Chime (non-PIN based) do earn AA miles.

Order of Events:

Chime UFB Direct Online Load

$50 load to Chime with my UFB Direct debit card

Chime Load UFB Direct

AA miles post 2 months later, but the transaction is dated only 2 days after it clears UFB.

UFB Direct Load

$50 load cleared UFB

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