Another Smart Card: Swyp

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Just a few days after I compared the 3 top contenders in the “smart” card world, another one pops up: Swyp. Check it out…

Swyp is interesting. It’s not as high tech as Plastc and it’s not as low tech as Wallaby. Instead, it’s basically a hybrid of Plastc and Wallaby, which makes it somewhat similar to Coin. Is that confusing? I hope not. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this card.


  • The card learns you’re preferences, similar to Wallaby. For example, if you use a specific card every time you go to the grocery store, Swyp will remember and automatically select that card when you go to checkout.
  • Swyp can hold 25 cards! That’s more than Coin and Plastc.
  • It’s made out of metal, which is just cool.
  • The battery lasts about 2 years, just like Coin, but unlike Coin, it’s rechargeable! In other words, you’re $100 purchase won’t just be a crappy paperweight after 2 years.


  • No EMV or NFC support. What is this 1999?

How It Compares

Mag Strip:YesYesYesYes
Chip & PIN:NoYesNoNo
Card Limit:8 Cards20 CardsUnknown25 Cards
Battery Charge:2 Years30 DaysUnknown2 Years
Warranty:If Defective1 YearUnknownUnknown
Ship Date:Summer 2015Summer 2015UnknownFall 2015
Waterproof:Water ResistantYesUnknownUnknown


Swyp is a cheap option if you don’t care about EMV or NFC. Personally, I won’t be preordering one due to the lack of EMV support. What are your thoughts, is this the smart card you’ll be preordering?

For a limited time, Swyp is only $49 + $5 to ship. Here’s the Link (if there are referral links in the comments, please use those).

As a side note, I did not preorder this card, so I do not have a referral link. If you did preorder it and have a referral link, leave it in the comments for others to use.

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