Product Review: TravelPro Crew Carry On

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Prior to my last vacation outside of the country, I primarily relied on a backpack as my carry on. It served it’s purpose of carrying things from point A to point B, but it left much to be desired.

That “carry on” only had three main pockets and inside of those hollow pits sat nothing but a few pouches to hold pencils. Can you guess how many pencils I bring on my vacations? Hint: none. Needless to say, organization was a bear.

So, as I’m sure you could guess, I upgraded to a TravelPro Crew carry on. Truth be told, I have an older model than the one Amazon is selling. However, they’re basically the same thing, minus a few cosmetic changes.

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Here are the features that Amazon lists. My comments are in bold.

  • 100% Nylon – Who cares?
  • Imported – Big surprise, it’s made in China.
  • Interior provides a corduroy lined laptop sleeve (15.6 inch ) and large main compartment featuring elasticized hold down straps with durable anti-break buckles – Both of these features are quite nice. The laptop sleeve is very soft and protective, almost like they intended for it to protect a few hundred-dollar piece of equipment. And the straps are great for compressing your overpacking tendencies.
  • Front zip pocket has built-in organizer and corduroy lined tablet sleeve – Again, very nice to have. I looooovvvveeeee organization when traveling.
  • Zippered side mesh pocket for water bottle or umbrella – Never used this, because I always pack my bag too full, which makes it very had to put a water bottle in this pocket.
  • Durable wheel housings, corner guards and skid guard protect against abrasion on high wear points – The skid guard and corner guards will get scratched up, but that means they’re doing their job!
  • Size-16×8.5×13 inches. – This fits in the carry on size limit of almost every airline. No worries here.
  • Limited lifetime warranty – This is nice to have, but unlikely to help you at all.

…and the question you’ve all been waiting for…

Can It Hold a Cat?


Pixel in TravelPro Crew

Pixel did not want us to leave.

My Thoughts & Experiences

I originally bought this to take with us to Australia, but changed my mind when I saw how big it is. It’s small enough to be a carry on, based on most airline carry on dimensions, but it’s about half the size of my regular luggage. Instead, we use this bag for weekend trips, since it has enough room to fit three days worth of clothes and accessories for two people. As a note, though, if you fill it too full, it’s  a huge pain getting it in and out of the storage compartments. Trust me.

If this were an Amazon review, I’d give it 4/5. It works well, but it’s pretty huge.

How about you, what do you use as a carry on?

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