My Favorite Flyertalk Sub-Forums

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Flyertalk is a HUGE forum. Seriously, it consists of 186 public sub-forums! That’s just a crazy amount of sub-forums and threads to sort through, so I figured I might as well share my favorites.

Before I get into it, I should mention that my time on Flyertalk has diminished significantly in the past few months – I just haven’t had extra time to spend looking at the forums. Because of that, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will hopefully give you some ideas.

For this post I’m going to categorize the sub-forums I list as update and reference threads. The update threads are threads that I look at, or would look at, on a daily basis. The reference threads, on the other hand, are threads that I look at on an as needed basis. Also, this list is in no particular order.

Update Threads

  • Premium Fare Deals – You can find some awesome mistake and promotion fares on this forum. Most of these deals are gone or fixed pretty quickly, so you’ll want to check this forum pretty often.
  • Manufactured Spending – When new to manufactured spending, this is the place to begin. It’s not the best place to find new MS methods, due to the publicity this forum receives, but there is some good information to gleam from here.
  • Credit Card Programs – This is a good forum to find new credit card deals, sign-up bonuses, and other promotions. If you’re looking for a specific card from Citi, Chase, American Express, or Diner’s, you should check their individual forum.
  • Travel Products/Tools – These two forums are great for finding new products and tools to make your travel easier.

Reference Threads

  • S.P.A.M. – You can find congas and referral opportunities for many different websites and products on this thread. This is a great resource to profit on referral bonuses.
  • Airline and Mileage Programs – This sub-forum has a separate sub-forum for every airline and mileage available, so it’s definitely an as needed forum. I primarily check the sub-forums for the airlines that I’m booking, such as when I booked my August trip.
  • The Individual Credit Card Programs – As I mentioned above, I check the individual program forums (Citi, Chase, Amex, and Diner’s) as needed.
  • Destination Forums – Whenever I want to plan a new vacation in a place I haven’t visited before, I like to check the Flyertalk destination forums. They’re chock full of great information. I also like to check the Trip Reports forum.

What are your favorites?

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