The Importance of Checking Twice

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Now, this is a story all about how my life strategy got flipped-turned upside down… all thanks to my relentless need to check things twice, thrice, fourice – I don’t think that’s an actual word, but we’ll go with it.

Are you confused yet? Maybe, probably? Don’t worry, it will all make sense in a minute. Let me tell you a story…

I like to try new things and take advantage of new opportunities, unless it’s food. (I hate trying new food.) What I’m referring to specifically is manufactured spending. Every chance I get, I try new MS techniques, stop in new stores, and buy new prepaid products. It’s by far the best way to find new options to MS with.

Take Oink, for example. As far as I know, I was the first person to test that card and report on it. Unfortunately, it ended up being a dud, but the important thing was that the card’s limits were tested. Not all of my manufactured spending ideas and tests make it to this blog, because 90% (estimated) of them are useless and/or provide little to no information or help to this community, so there’s no point to report on them.

Anyway, when I experiment with something and it doesn’t work or I don’t get the chance to fully test it (i.e. the cashier doesn’t let me try to swipe my credit card at all), I don’t give up. I try again at a later date to see if anything has changed in hopes of uncovering a lucrative method of manufacturing spend. More often than not, my second, third, and fourth try meet the same outcome as the first, however, in this past week I’ve benefited handsomely from my “check twice” initiative and found two very exciting point earning opportunities.

The first gold mine I found was a local gas station that sells Vanilla Reloads, $500 gift cards, and Paypal My Cash cards. I originally found this gas station in the Spring of 2014, but when I tried to buy a VR, the cashier, whom I should mention was a grumpy old lady, shut me down without even letting me try to run a credit card. I tried stopping in that gas station a few more times after that to try a different cashier, but unfortunately every time I stopped in, the same lady was working.

Several months later, I completely forgot about that gas station. I just happen to see it as I was running some errands the other day, so I decided to stop in. Guess what? That lady wasn’t working and the cashier who was, had no problem letting me buy a $500 Vanilla Reload. It was an exciting day! I’m not sure if the old cashier still works there, but I definitely plan on frequenting that gas station more often now.

My second new favorite merchant also happens to be a gas station, but my history with this company is a little different from the last one. This gas station always had a gift card section that sold $25-$500 Amazon gift cards which could be purchased with a credit card, yet, the highest denomination prepaid gift card they sold was $50.

Because I knew they accepted CCs for gift cards, I made a habit of frequenting the gift card rack just in case they ever restocked with $500 prepaid gift cards. Lo and behold, last week they did. They only received (or displayed) a small stack of OneVanilla’s, but that’s much better than they have ever had before. When I went to checkout with a $500 card, the cashiers had no problem ringing me up and sending me on my cheery way.

Do I expect this to work for every new opportunity? Absolutely not. As I mentioned above, many of my tests never end up working out, however, in both of these cases they have and I’ve very thankful for that. The important thing to get across here is that you should always check twice, thrice, or even more often, because you never know what could change.

Have you ever had an opportunity that previously didn’t work all of a sudden work?

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