April 2015 Income and Traffic Report

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Today marks the first day of May, which is good and bad. It’s good because this is the month my wife and I get to move into our new house. It won’t be until the end of May, but it’s still this month! On the other hand, it’s bad because this year is going way too quickly. This whole year has just been one giant blur, for whatever reason. I’m hoping things start to slow down this summer, but only time will tell. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post…

If you’re new to my blog or the income and traffic reports that I run, here’s a quick rundown:

Every month, I post the previous month’s income and traffic received on this blog. Why? Because I feel it’s important to stay transparent and accountable for everything I post. Blogging is definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme, regardless of what most people think. My goal is to highlight that and show you the statistics, because they’re very interesting!

You can view the last three reports below:


It’s been a slow month in terms of traffic, but that’s more than likely due to my lack of posts. I only posted 14 articles this month opposed to 17 last month, 18 the month before that, and 25 in January. Most people only read blogs when there is fresh information, which is completely understandable. This month has been a whirlwind in my life, which is what lead to the lack of posts, however, come June everything should start picking up again.

So, how did the numbers look? This month’s visitors stayed relatively consistent with last months, but my views decreased about 9%. As I mentioned, the lack of posts this month is most likely solely responsible for this.

The final numbers:

Views per Visitor2.
Posts Published25181714

Top 10 Posts

  1. Money Order Prices and Locations – Big surprise, this is my most popular post again this month… The problem with this is that it’s terribly outdated. Check out number 5 on this list for a more recent version.
  2. Load Serve With a Debit Card or Credit Card – It’s too bad that Amex shut down CC loads for not Amex cards, but this definitely still has some MS ability!
  3. Send Money From Serve to Your Bank – This process can be time-consuming, but it is one way to liquidate Serve.
  4. The 15 Best Ways to Save Money on Amazon – I posted this two days again and somehow it still ended up as my fourth most popular post. Maybe there’s something great to glean from it! 🙂
  5. Comprehensive List of Money Order Prices and Locations – It’s a comprehensive list. Check it out.
  6. How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Credit Card Offers – Everyone wants you to use their credit card sign-up links, just make sure it’s the best offer before actually signing up.
  7. Everything: Visa Buxx – This post is quite old and unfortunately, most of the Buxx family have lost their usefulness, but you might be able to find something here.
  8. How Many Cards Should you Sign-Up For? – Great question! Click the link to find out.
  9. The Battle of the All in one Cards – Coin, Plastc, and Wallaby – There are quite a few “smart” cards coming to the market. You can see how they compare here.
  10. Send Money from Your REDcard to Your Bank – This process is exactly the same as sending money from Serve to a bank, so if you’ve done that, you can do this too.


There’s not much to talk about regarding my blog’s income this month. In fact, there’s 0 to talk about. Ha! You see what I did there? I earned and spent $0 this month, leaving me with a net income of $0 from this blog. Hilarious, I know. Overall this year, my blog is $40 in the black. Not bad!

And the final numbers are:

Media.net Ads:$0$104.52$0$0
Amazon Associates:$0$22.26$13.35$0
Total Profit:$10.63$126.78-$96.87$0


April has been my slowest month of 2015, but I only have myself to blame for that. There has simply been too much going on in the real world that’s kept me from my blog. Sad, I know. As a matter of fact, my manufactured spending for this month has been under 10k! I don’t think it’s ever been that low…

Anyway, that’s all for April. Come back next month for May’s report.

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