With the Demise of REDbird, What’s Next?

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As many of you’ve already heard, credit card loads to REDbird are dead. We all knew this day was coming, yet that doesn’t make it any less disappointing that we lost our dear old REDbird as we knew it. It had a good run, longer than most, but it’s still sad to lose such an easy method of manufacturing spend.

If you’ve been following the REDbird drama, you probably already know that it isn’t completely dead. In fact, it’s just as alive and kicking as Serve and Bluebird in the sense that all three are basically on a level playing field now. However, now that REDbird credit loads are dead, what’s next?

So, let’s say REDbird was your go to manufacturing method… What now? I’m sure a million questions ran through your head once the news broke: How do you manufacture spend without it? Is there any MS method as easy as REDbird? Should you throw in the towel?

It sucks, I know, but it’s not the end of the world! There are tons of other methods out there that can be taken advantage of. Most of them aren’t as simple or convenient as REDbird was, but at least there are options, so don’t fret.

What Options Are There?

This post isn’t about different methods of manufactured spending, so I won’t be diving too far into that here. Instead, I’ll simply list a few options currently available along with links for you to research on your own.

Use a Debit Gift Card

Loading REDbird with a credit card was simple and free, making it profitable even with a 1X card. Obviously, that’s dead, but that doesn’t mean REDbird is useless. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

Debit cards and gift cards can still be loaded to REDbird in-store with no issues (as long as the cashiers allow it). This requires an extra step (CC>GC>RB), but it can lead to even more points and miles if you take advantage of category bonuses (eg. Ink at office supply stores, Blue Cash at grocery stores, ect.). This is the same situation Serve and Bluebird are in, the only difference is that Target employees tend to be much easier to work with than Walmart employees.

Load REDbird Online

REDbird can be loaded with up to $1,000 online using a debit card (non-prepaid, non-gift) every month. This doesn’t allow for much MS every month, but an extra $1k is better than nothing. I personally use my Paypal business debit to earn $10 a month in addition to the points, miles, and/or cash back I earn from loading my Paypal account.

Other MS Methods

There are numerous MS methods that can be taken advantage of if you look hard enough. The trick is to look, you know, hard enough. 🙂

What’s Next

Every year, we lose quite a few manufactured spending methods, but there’s always something great that pops up in the future. Don’t fret about a lost method, just get prepared for the next one. Who knows when it will show up…


Is the loss of this manufacturing method the end of the world? Absolutely not. Does it suck? Yes, there’s no doubt about it, but that’s the name of the game. Manufactured spending requires adaptation for whatever challenges are thrown your way. That’s why it’s super important to diversify your manufactured spending. When you diversify your MS, you always have a fall back plan. You have to fund your travel somehow, right?

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