Load Bluebird at Walmart

If you are having trouble locating Vanilla Reload Cards, Walmart is the next best way to load Bluebird. Gift card loads count towards the Vanilla Reload limits, so you can load a maximum of $1,000 per day and $5,000 per month.  Before you head to Walmart make sure you have a PIN on your gift card.

The process of getting a PIN on your gift card will differ from card to card. Some require you to go to call a number to get the PIN, while others can be done online via a website, some can use any PIN you enter when you swipe the card, and a few use the last four digits on the card number. Just make sure you read the paper that comes with the card and it will tell you how to get a PIN. Once you have a PIN on your gift card(s), you can head down to your local Walmart and go to the Money Center.

At the money center, simply hand them your Bluebird card and tell them that you want to load however much to your Bluebird card. There is no fee to load your Bluebird via the Money Center. Also, the max Bluebird load per transaction is $500, which is convenient since the max load amount of a prepaid gift card is $500. Now all you have to do is simply swipe your card, select Debit on the Keypad, enter your PIN and you will be good to go. This transaction will show up almost instantaneously in Bluebird, so double-check it when you get home and keep track of your receipts.

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