Send Money From Your Bank Account to Bluebird

Sending money from your bank to Bluebird is very similar to sending money to your bank from Bluebird.

1. Select Add Funds on the home page.

Home  Bluebird from American Express 2014-02-02 01-09-52


2. Input the amount you want to add and which bank you want the money to come from. If you do not have a bank account linked you can select Add New Source.

add 1000 2014-02-02 13-50-15


3. The next screen will be to review your adding of funds.

Add Funds Review 2014-02-02 13-50-55


4. Every time I have done this it takes 5 business days, so you will have the funds Pending on your account for a while.

Money added Bluebird 2014-02-02 13-49-17


5. You can see that the funds were “added” to my Bluebird on 1/17/14, however that was pending until 1/24/14. The funds did not even get taken out of my bank account until 1/21/14, as seen below.

Bluebird Withdraw 1000 2014-02-02 13-46-19

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