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What I’ve Learned About Mortgages and Manufactured Spending

As of last week, we are officially 90%-ish through the home buying/selling/moving process. Well, sort of. We’ve already closed on our old house and our new house, and moved all of our stuff to a

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A Look at My FRN Debacle

There’s no doubt that Shell’s Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) is by far my favorite gas rewards program. Not only does it offer easy, MS friendly earning methods such as spend $X at store Y (gift

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Oink and I Go Our Separate Ways

Oink has never been my favorite prepaid product. After all, what can you do with it other than use it as intended? There’s no ATM access, it’s not a debit card, and you can’t use it

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How to Deal with Credit Card Declines

There’s nothing quite as annoying as having your credit card get declined when trying to buy a gift card, load REDbird, or even just spend a large sum of money. When it happens, the cashiers usually

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Will There Be a Cash Advance Fee?

Look through any thread about a manufactured spending technique and I guarantee you’ll see the question, “Will there be a cash advance fee?” Seriously, I dare you. You’ll see what

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