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Everything: Visa SavingsEdge

Visa SavingsEdge is comparable to Plink in the sense that they both earn you extra money on top of credit card rewards and portal bonuses. The only catch with Visa SavingsEdge is that you can only sign

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Everything: Plink

  Plink is no more. What is Plink? Why Use Plink? Sign up for Plink How to Use Plink Notes What is Plink? Plink is a rewards program that earns you Plink points for shopping at certain retailers.

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OfficeMax Promotion!

This just in! There is a new OfficeMax promotion starting on 3/2/14 and lasting until 3/8/14 that saves you $15 for every $250 in Visa gift cards you purchase. This promotion is not as lucrative as the

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Good and Bad News

Let’s start with the good news. This past week my website traffic has boomed. That is very exciting for me! The only problem is that some of you may have had issues accessing my site. I have been

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JH Preferred: How I Loath You

Maybe “loath” is to harsh of a word. A good substitute would be “JH Preferred: I Don’t Enjoy Using You, But I Can Somewhat Tolerate Your Nonsense.” The problem is, it’s

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