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Serve vs Bluebird

The battle of Serve vs Bluebird has been fought since 2012, when Bluebird was released. They are both very similar products, the only problem is you are only allowed one or the other. Advantages of Both As

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CVS and Their Vanilla Reloads

  Update 4/4/14: CVS now only accepts cash for vanilla reloads. CVS has been the go to store for Vanilla Reloads, ever since Office Depot and Walgreens have implemented a cash only policy. That

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How to Buy a Money Order

Once you are done adding a PIN to a gift card, the next step is to buy a money order. Before I stepped into the realm of manufactured spending, I had never bought a money order, nor did I know how. Chances

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How to Add a PIN to a Gift Card

Adding a PIN to a gift card is essential in the manufactured spending world. You can learn more about manufactured spending with a gift card here. There are three different PIN adding methods I have encountered

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Is Manufactured Spending Legal?

Is manufactured spending legal? I have been asked that question many times, so I want to clear it up for the masses. The simple answer is no, manufactured spending is NOT illegal. The long answer is a

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