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My First Credit Card Churn

Credit card churning, sometimes called an App-o-Rama, is the process of signing up for multiple credit cards at one time to get each credit card’s sign on bonus. Before I did this churn, I had been

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Keep Track of Your Manufactured Spending

When you are Manufactured Spending, organization is key. It is very dangerous to not be organized when you are dealing with credit cards, thousands of dollars, and log in information for multiple companies.

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Credit Card Reward Percentages

Every credit card offers different rewards. For example, my Citi Dividend card offers 5% cash back at drugstores this quarter which makes it perfect for buying Vanilla Reloads, while my American Express

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Target Credit Monitoring

You have probably heard all over the news about the recent Target credit card breach. If not, well you can read about it at the link I posted. Because of this breach Target it offering one year of free

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Other Methods for Manufactured Spending

So, you’ve been using Bluebird for a while and you have maxed out your monthly limit of $5,000 worth of Vanilla Reloads. What now? Are you going to wait the rest of the month and not do any manufactured

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